He took his accordion to the hospital and played for the patients

Mickael Itallo brought his instrument to the Pirambu Emergency Unit (Brazil) to share his music with patients. “When this is passed on to those who are going through their worst days, it can bring an air of hope and happiness,” he said in an interview.

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The medical student does something very special to help patients who are in the hospital get through difficult times.


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The feeling of loneliness, sadness and uncertainty about the future are some of the emotions that hospital patients may experience, especially if they have been undergoing their treatments for a long time, and that is why some people think of making a difference with a simple but significant gesture.

Mickael was born and raised in Pedreiras, Maranhão (Brazil). He moved to the state of Ceará, in the same country, after receiving a scholarship to go to university and fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. At the same time he has the talent to play different musical instruments, among them the keyboard, the guitar and the accordion.

He, who wants to become a doctor, decided to bring the accordion to the Pirambu Emergency Unit to bring joy to the patients with his music. This special moment soon went viral, after he posted a video on his Instagram account of the emotional occasion.

The young man said in an interview that the original idea came from the doctor Thais Leão and that with his cousin, Dr. Tarcylio, they asked people if they would like the idea and they said yes. “Many patients were excited and happy,” Michael said.

“A patient spent the morning crying after being hospitalized, and when I started playing she got up smiling and started filming me.”

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Itallo mentioned that he believes that music heals many people, that the accordion is an instrument that is played close to the chest, full of feelings and love. “When this is passed on to those who are going through their worst days, it can bring an air of hope and happiness.”

what do you think of mickael’s encouraging gesture with the hospital patients?

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