Heisenberg dances to the rhythm of “Despecha” by Rosalía

The Tik Tok account @mr_heisenberg uploaded a video in which he dances to the sound of Rosalía with his current hit “Despecha”. The content went viral, reaching almost half a million likes, and all because of his incredible resemblance to the actor who plays the character Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Clearly, many fell for the “fake news” thinking it was Heisenberg, but no, it’s just the identical resemblance to the drug dealer from the Breaking Bad series. At the moment the video has more than 2.4 million views and is labeled ‘viral success’.

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The account is from an actor and artist, Oleg Kricunova, who apart from having a reasonable resemblance seems to resort to techniques that make him identical to the character of Walter White. Other similar videos use artificial intelligence techniques known as ‘deepfakes’, which allow human faces to be edited to achieve realistic aspects of famous people.

According to experts, the contour of the fake Walter White’s face can be seen with the naked eye, but some areas of the image are suspiciously blurred. Therefore, the distorted planes are products of the movements of the person who is really dancing behind that ‘digital mask’, which cause geometric errors in the morphological adjustments of the face on the human figure, explains the newspaper El Periódico.

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At the beginning of the video of the alleged “Heisenberg” dancing to Rosalía’s music, you can see how his right eye blinks unnaturally, while the image of the face is distorted in that same area. Details such as the coordination of eye movements or the concordance between the color of the iris can be significant when it comes to detecting these ‘deepfakes’.

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