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season 18 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ left everyone wanting to see what will happen in the next installment, because before the imminent theory that Meredith’s character could make a definitive closure, there are those who do not want to wait any longer about what will happen to her.

For thoseus filmmakers, despite the fact that they have remained very hermetic with what is to come, They have not stopped giving some clues about this medical series that has been so successful since its premiere on the famous ABC television network. Therefore, it is not surprising that after several conclusions, it can be deduced that there is still much to tell, it only remains to wait how and who will be the characters that will survive and reach the end.

With this, once again he puts himself in the epicenter of doubt actress Ellen Pompeo who does not cease in his attempt to express that he is already exhausted and that he wants to see how says goodbye to his character that has lasted for so long and that its director Shonda Rhimes does not want to let go.

Previews of the 19th season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ that excite fans

And it is that Rhimes has always revealed that she does not perceive the idea of ​​​​showing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ without the presence of Pompeo who has been in charge of bringing this medical drama to life, despite its ups and downs. That’s why, it was possible to know in the end of season 18 that this woman is so emblematic and controversial, especially in matters of lovewill definitely be back in the new installment, but apparently not permanently as has always been seen, because she will move to Minnesota where her new projects are and from there she will be linked to everything that has to do with Gray Hospital Sloane Memorial.

This not only excites the faithful audience, but also fills them with hope, because she will not only be willing to continue in this next edition with special appearances, but there was also a rumor that there will be a season 20 in which it is already planned to make a definitive closure of this production. However, this has not yet been confirmed by Rhimes, who is increasingly willing to continue and not leave aside this story that has generated so much audience success.

And if that was not enough, she is willing to continue with the romance with Nick, since so far it has given good results, since both have shown themselves to be very mature and conscientious that what they are both really looking for is company and professional support, especially now that they are together developing research on Parkinson’s, which is something that Meredith had always wanted to achieve.

In that way, heFans already have some theories of what is to come and that is why they are so anxious for the next installment to arrive, because here there will be decisive moments and new turns that are attractive to the public.

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