here is the event that will start the next era

On December 4th, players will have to face the Queen of the Cube one last time. Here’s what you need to know about “The End”, the Fortnite event that will kick off Chapter 3.

With December upon us, Fortnite is preparing to conclude not the current season in progress, Al Cubo, but the entire Chapter 2. It will do so with an event that Epic Games defines “climatic” and which takes the name of “The End”, the end. The next December 4th, at 22:00 Italian time, players and players will have to face the Queen of the Cube one last time to try to save the island from its destructive power. Going into more detail, The End will be a unique event lasting thirty minutes, in which to gather in large teams of 16 users. Given the uniqueness of the initiative, replays will not be available, so it must be a personal concern to make recordings of your games. Even the dedicated playlist will not restart. This is because at the end of The End, it will be the turn of Chapter 3.

It should be noted that Al Cubo will end one day earlier than the event, so it is good to complete all the missions to enjoy them to the fullest. Among other things, if they are completed before the end of the season, they will be received 225,000 XP points as a reward. In general, Epic Games recommends prioritizing the following assignments:

  • Complete the Cube Queen’s Page 1 and 2 missions
  • Collect bottles of rainbow color and ink to unlock Toona fish styles
  • Exchange remaining Battle Stars for rewards

In case it is difficult to complete the aforementioned missions, no fear: the mission packs, such as Drift, will be transferred for next season. Unlike what happened in 2019 with the surprise event of the black hole, Epic Games has released various information on The End, albeit little related to the future Chapter 3, of which very little is known. A new twist is certainly expected, especially as regards the map.

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There is great anticipation for this Fortnite event, a title that has further extended its popularity over the last few seasons. The merit goes to the ecosystem built in recent months, with particular crossovers (the last is with Naruto), virtual initiatives of great depth (museum visits and concerts) and collaborations with companies, such as the case of Ferrari and Balenciaga. All that remains is to prepare for the “end” to expect a new beginning within the famous battle-royale of Epic Games.

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