Here’s how Kim Kardashian is changing from divorce from Kanye West


You remember the episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian in which Kanye West joins Kim for 24 hours in Paris just to overhaul all her looks ahead of fashion week? To push him to take an intercontinental flight, in the middle of a world tour, were some photos of his wife in which he had looks that he just did not like. A small (or large, depending on your point of view) example of how the rapper has he always had a great influence on Kim’s style, distorting it during all the years of marriage: neutral colors, wrap dresses and mix &match of sporty and elegant garments have become his recognizable trademark.

However, with the divorce from the rapper things seem to have changed a bit. As many have noted, the founder of Skims he seems to have made some changes to his look. For some it is the old Kim pre Kanye – the one who loved short and even a little flashy dresses – with a little more style.

Prince example? The outfits sported in his recent trip to Rome. From the vintage tortoiseshell sheath dress of Dolce &Gabbana up to the leather miniskirt combined with a crop top or the dress with side optical cuts chosen to visit the Vatican museums.

Something tells us that Kanye would not appreciate. In multiple episodes of the family reality show Kardashian, we have seen how often he complained about the too bold clothes of his ex-wife and those sported on the red carpet or other occasions were the result of exhausting compromises between the two.

But the way of dressing of Kim Kardashian it doesn’t seem like the only thing to be changed. As queen of social media, every post is not published at random and, in fact, it is noticeable how, for a few months, the photos in costume, even very amateur, and those in the company of children have increased. The rapper, very jealous of his privacy, has always tried to limit the images of the family to a minimum.

This work of renewal would also include the KKW Beauty brand which, from the first of August, will close its doors for a while to return in a completely new guise. According to many, the brand will first change its name, eliminating West’s w and leaving only Kim Kardashian’s two K’s.

In short, it seems that our Kim wants to give a definitive cut with the past: who knows what else we still have to expect!


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