here’s how much we need to drink to stay healthy based on our age

How much water should we drink every day to be healthy. Here’s what science has established.

The water
The water

Representing the 60% of body weight, in women the percentage drops to 50-55% while in newborns salt to 75%, l‘water it is a very important element for ours body and drink some amount it certainly does a lot of good to the health. She plays an important role in cells of the organism and in the metabolism.

When we need to take it, the thirston the contrary, when the body has to expel it, it uses both i physiological needs that the breathing And sweating.

Its functions are as important as dissolving composites organic And inorganic and it works like thermostatic liquid favoring the thermoregulation.

According to our needs and our age how much water to drink


The power ofwater it is fundamental for the correct function of ours body. Both functions cognitive that physical they depend on the right hydration of our body.

Even losing a small amount ofwater without hydrating it can create gods damage to the functioning of our body just level physicist And cognitive.

There is also a squeeze correlation between taking water and theage. But there are other factors to consider when establishing the amount to be taken as the type of Power supplyThe conditions environmentalthe style of lifethe amount of activities carried out.

It must be considered subjects which have an intense physical activity or living in a lot of climates hotboth categories need a higher consumption of water per day.

Even pathologies, such as problems of stress or gastrointestinal diseases play an important role in the quantity ofwater daily to take. In these cases the quantity can even double up.

Depending on the range of age there is a table very precise. For the newborns the amount is 100ml per day. In the age group from 6 months to 1 year the amount is 800-1000 ml per day. In the range between 1 to 3 years the quantity is of 1,100 and 1,300ml per day.

Come on 4 to 8 years I’m 1,600 ml per day. For the girls in adolescence the amount is 1,900 ml per day. For the boys instead 2,100 ml per day. For the women are enough 2 liters of water a day instead for the men are enough 2.5 liters per day.

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