Here’s how to sleep well and have nice skin around your eyes

After a long day at work, you can’t wait to get home and sleep. Undress everything we wore during the day, hot shower and then under the covers to make the famous restful sleep. The one that regenerates, the one where one wakes up the next morning that is a flower that has just blossomed. To sleep even better before the shower, we can also exfoliate the body using an inexpensive but effective scrub.

What if every sleep was like this? It would be truly spectacular. Being able to sleep deeply, as if one entered a kind of trans of the mind. The brain rests, the muscles rest and the next day is faced with a smile.

Before getting to the heart of the discussion, understanding how we can sleep soundly and wake up the next morning with the skin under the eyes relaxed, there is another thing to do.

We must know that in the past, bay leaves were placed under the bed. These leaves, however, do not serve to help sleep, but they go much further. Which is why it is important to put them under the mattress.

Another thing we have to look out for is the telephone. But this has to do with sleeping. In fact, we must avoid being on the phone before going to sleep. This is a very widespread custom, especially among the very young. However, we must avoid it, because the light from the phone could disturb our sleep.

Here’s how to sleep well and have nice skin around your eyes

In addition to the telephone, which we must avoid using before going to sleep, there is instead an object that we must use.

We are talking about the eye mask. Quite hated object, because it is defined as uncomfortable. But the more you use it the more you will need it. The eye mask is able to give a magnificent restful sleep. The next morning we will wake up with such relaxation in the body that everything will be magical.

In addition, the eye mask, while we sleep, creates a protection between the eye and the outside. In this way it will be protected from external agents.

How to take it?

Maybe you already know, otherwise let’s remember, but to limit the appearance of wrinkles on the face we must use the silk pillow cases. In fact, this fabric remains soft on the face and will not create creases.

Same thing then goes for the eye mask. Let’s choose it in silk, in this way we will have a soft embrace on the eyes. And before going to sleep, we can put drops in the eyes to moisturize them, so they will never be dry. And here’s how to sleep well and have relaxed eyes.

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