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Antonio Barrul was accused by the alleged assailant he hit in a cinema in León. The news was announced exclusively Cope’s Big Game on their social media and expanded it during this Thursday’s program. “I found out today, but I haven’t had access to the complaint yet. “I know the facts that are visible in the video and those that were told to me by Antonio, whom I must see in person, but I cannot disclose them,” Jose Manuel Olivares, the boxer’s lawyer, told the program.

The lawyer couldn’t dig deeper because he didn’t know the text, but he left his first impressions of the athlete after the complaint: “He is busy. This is a pretty strong topic.. He acted to protect other people’s interests, but this is completely legal, for example, protecting a woman and a girl. He is concerned about filing a complaint and This seems completely unfair“.

Olivares also confirmed He great game Cope that “he knows” the alleged abuser was arrested after an argument. “The couple filed a complaint of violence against women. This lady came forward, but if she didn’t, if the police came and there were witnesses, then there should be a case. I know that he was arrested, and I assume that he will be released later.“added Barrul’s lawyer.

The boxer acted as best he could in a situation that was “out of control.” “If there was only beating (beating), then we would be talking about injuries, but it’s not only that. The situation is indicative of a number of issues. This was a response to unlawful aggression, it was not provocative and it will be necessary to determine whether the means to mitigate it were proportionate or not.. From my point of view, when an aggressor takes the position of a boxing defender, he demonstrates a dangerous position. Antonio defends himself as best he knows how. He is not Ilya Topuria, who can otherwise reduce him. He acted as best he could. This is absolutely noble and commendable,” said the lawyer in HE good game before dwelling on one of the key factors of the complaint. It is not known whether the applicant received medical treatment first and especially whether he “had to receive second treatment” for any injuries he may have sustained.

Barrul, as he reported, reacted to a man’s aggression towards his wife, whom he repeatedly shook and grabbed by the neck. The boxer decided to reproach him for such an attitude when a girl unrelated to him was beaten. From this point on, the alleged aggressor begins to insult and threaten the athlete, who decides to act to subdue him when he takes a defensive position. Despite what can be seen in the images, its intention is to reduce. All blows go to the body. A professional boxer could easily knock him out.

In the event of a trial, fact The fact that Barrule is a professional boxer could be considered “irritating”., although everything will depend on how the judge assesses the difficult situation. YesIf you understand this as a fact of self-defense, this possibility disappears.. The judge, as Relevo clarified, will also be the only one who can revoke a boxer’s professional license. This assumption is used in very extreme cases and has only happened once in Spain. At the moment, Barrul has scheduled his next fight for June 14th in Puente Castro (Leon) and everything is going as usual.

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