High definition emergency centers in Sespe: where

The government of Asturias will launch three new high-definition urgent primary care centers (Caruap) in Gijon, which will join the existing ones in La Calzada II and Roses Monteville.

Minister of Health, Concepcion Saavedraexplained this Friday during his visit to the La Calzada II resort that the El Llano wellness center is currently under construction and work will be carried out on the wellness centers over the next few months. Villa Gate and at the Health Center Somyo Parkin which there will be three in this area of ​​health high resolution centers further.

A press release from the Principality explains that this service is “an offer for improving the organization of emergency care primary health care to ensure healthcare qualityas well as improved resolution ongoing care“In the same way they allow resources Principality Health Service (Sespa), avoid specialist shortages in continuing care centers and ensure synergy between multidisciplinary teams.

This philosophy will be extended to more Asturian centers.

This experience will be extended to other city medical institutions and territories. Oviedo and Aviles. The goal is to implement this model at the Oviedo Medical Center in La Lila. throughout 2024.

These types of devices represent a “significant improvement for patients” who will have “available” service and with high resolution capability for emergency situations First aid“, which are the most common, without the need to go to the hospital, according to the ministry.

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