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[úsica]angel: at least a couple ofhigh school studentsthey were minor from texashospitalized aftersupposedly they were subjectedto high intensity exercises.Luis Prado spoke with themothers of two of them.I spoke with the mothers offamily, one of them a doctor andalready account that when it was givenaccount that his son began tourinate differently, withdifferent color, noticedthat this was an emergencyI couldn’t let go.>> yes, he can die, because heWhat does he do with some kidneys?liver, heart, many things.consequences for exerciseexcessive that theSchool studentspreparatory.>> i didn’t think it was sosore, could not move hishands not to eat, inflamedand hard.>> he is the one who has suffered the mostbecause the protein is veryheavy.that’s why in those people it isimportant to know how is thekidney condition.Luis: says that the entrance byfailure to comply with ordersthat gave them, decidedpunish him for what he repeatsin non-stop service forthe family reported thatinvestigate this case.the low proposed coachadministrative supervisionuntil the end of theinvestigation.>> they’re completely dead,this was what is most readaffection, get rid ofmuscles, are toxins thatthey poison the blood and it hurtsyour entire body, causes thedeath.>> when they suffer do a lotexercise, the body generatesvery hot, you are very hotover the usculus, then theusculus inflames and burns,that’s a problem like.Luis: despite our ice and cc,the school district has not yetgenerate no updateabout this case, what Irecommends is that if a childexpress complaints, you mustinform the phone number4696987364.and the future of sport with yourson?Luis: and how would you hear it,they are scraped because thesporting future of your childrenwho gets to thisperiod, for the moment they aremeeting with parentsto see if they demandparticularly to thiscoach.the students have returned toclasses, many of them already

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