Hollywood stars who stopped being protagonists overnight

For decades, movies and series have been created that have left a mark on the world of the entertainment industry, however, many of the celebrities who were iconic for their performances did not appear in major productions again.

Although the world of entertainment is very changeable and some chose not to continue working and move away from the spotlight, others belong to a list of actors who for various reasons no longer had an endearing character.

Megan fox
The actress decided to leave her role in the Transformers saga because in different interviews she said that Michael Bay was unnecessarily strict on the set, being the producer the one who invited her to belong to the production.

After talking about him, it is believed that they did not offer him to continue in that or in other tapes, being Bay himself who confessed that he did not pay attention to the recordings because he was using the cell phone.

Megan Fox stopped being the protagonist in different interviews said that Michael Bay

Jessica Alba
Although she had a prominent role in the movie ‘Fantastic Four’, she revealed that this experience caused her some insecurities, as the director asked her to look prettier when she cried. After that, Alba mentioned that she questioned whether her emotions mattered or not, so she lost interest in continuing to act and dedicate herself to show business.

However, he continued to appear in different productions, but he no longer had a leading role. So she dedicated her time to taking care of her family and launched ‘The honest company’, a line of organic consumer goods.

Hollywood stars who stopped being protagonists overnight

Tobey Maguire
Recognized for his emblematic character in ‘Spider-Man’, the producer was forced to find a replacement for him, since he had turned 35 and was no longer fit to continue giving life to the superhero.

And although the actor also tried to get rid of youthful roles, his features on his face made him look very youthful, but he was no longer 20 years old, so he finally decided to dedicate himself to his private life, in which he has two children and divorced. Jennifer Mayer.

Hollywood stars who stopped being protagonists overnight

Sean William Scott
The actor was typecast in his role as Steve Stifler, in the movie ‘American pie’, and although he admitted that it was a role with which he gained notoriety, he said that he did not want to be recognized only for that role.

Later he gave life to ‘Crash’, in the saga ‘The Ice Age’ and since then he lives from that role and the voiceovers he does for other companies.

Hollywood actors and actresses who disappeared from the industry

Mike Myers
Myers became a celebrity due to his roles as ‘Austin Powers, ‘Waynes World’ and ‘Shrek’ and although his humorous line was applauded by the public, in 2008 his last appearance was in ‘The love guru’.

Now he enjoys his role as a father and has been married to Kelly Tisdale since 2010, so he has no interest in returning to Hollywood.

Hollywood actors and actresses who disappeared from the industry

Rob Schneider
He was a well-known actor and comedian in the industry for a long time, however, there are two main reasons why he stopped appearing on screen. First, because the roles he is best known for are often supporting roles.

And second, after the scandal that he starred in for his aggressive attitude, encouraging the State Farm insurance company to remove him from its advertising campaign, the actor has not been able to recover from that blow.

Hollywood actors and actresses who disappeared from the industry

Cameron Diaz
One of the best positioned stars, not only for her talent but also for her beauty and charm, but over time she lost her passion for acting because she dedicated all her time to work since she was 22 years old, so in 2014 announced that he was leaving the industry.

Hollywood actors and actresses who disappeared from the industry

Amber Heard
As expected, the trial against Johnny Depp was also a challenge for her professional career, because apparently now nobody wants to work with her and she was blacklisted in Hollywood after completing the filming of ‘In the fire’, however , after the outcome of the trial things changed for her.

Following this, Sam Rubin said that “As far as Amber, I think it’s going to be pretty hard to go on from here,” while Jessica Kovacevi, Heard’s agent, stated that no one will rehire Amber after the trial.

Hollywood Actors and Actresses who are no longer leading men

Taylor Lautner

The actor became one of the young promises of acting for his role in ‘Twilight’. And although he enjoyed great popularity, little has been seen since then, because with his participation in ‘Abduction’ in 2011, he received strong criticism, and to this we must add that he is a very well-paid actor, so the producers they have seen a great challenge when investing for him.

Hollywood Actors and Actresses who are no longer leading men

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