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After the great success of the X-ADV, Honda doubles up and presents the new 350. A midi designed to explore the city, but also to go beyond its borders, even on dirt roads

Honda presents the new at EICMA ADV350. A model ready to leave its mark alongside the great success ofX-ADV and is proposed as a graft of elements coming from the latter on the basis of the recent Force 350. In fact, the frame and the 4-valve single-shaft engine of 330 cc eSP + with almost 30 HP come from this, but there are suspensions with increased travel that increase the ground clearance and bring the saddle height from 780 to 795 mm. The fork is strengthened, growing from the 33 mm of the Forza to 37 mm, and semi-knobby tires arrive. The ADV350 does not have the 17 “-15” spoked wheels of the X-ADV, but retains the 15 “front and 14” rear measurements of the Forza 350.

On the Italian market, the ADV350 is on sale only in the version with standard Smart-Top Box.

The ADV350 engages elements of the X-ADV on the recent Forza 350. From this come the frame and the single-shaft 4-valve eSP + engine with almost 30 HP, but there are extended travel suspension that increases ground clearance and saddle height. (here 795 mm). The fork grows to 37mm in diameter and semi-knobby tires arrive. 17 “-15” alloy wheels.

There transmission does not include the DCT gearbox but a classic variator with belt, but the electronics can still count on the two-level HSTC traction control, on the two-channel ABS and on the emergency brake signal function (Emergency Stop Signal) as standard.

We therefore have a vehicle with a center of gravity of use moderately shifted towards the off-road, on which the aesthetics of great success of the X-ADV 750. There are a split and raised headlight unit and a fairing that highlights the upside-down fork, while the side panels under the saddle have a typically off-road pattern. The windshield is not electrically adjustable like on the X-ADV, but manually adjusts to 4 positions with over 13 cm of travel. The underseat is very spacious, which in its 48 liters can hold two full-face helmets and can be divided with a movable bulkhead.

The lines are reminiscent of the X-ADV, with the split optical group and the windshield manually adjustable to 4 positions. The large 48-liter saddle pad can hold two full-face helmets and can be divided with a movable bulkhead

The command bridge is that of the X-ADV, with the same electrical blocks and the color LCD display with integrated Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, to connect the smartphone. In the left front storage compartment there is a USB-C socket and the standard Smart Key also controls the opening of the underseat compartment and any 50-liter top box. A versatile and attractive vehicle, for which it is easy to predict a great success.

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