How could it be Google’s first smartwatch

The Pixel Watch is finally in the works. The Verge has confirmed that Google may launch its Wear OS 3 smartwatch in 2022.

The design could be circular without a physical bezel or bezel, and the sensor package should include all major fitness tracking features, including step count and a heart rate monitor, however, now essential.

Recently the Youtube Front Page Tech channel provided some interesting renderings of the possible Google smartwatch.

What we know so far

Google in recent years has made its own smartphone of the Pixel line, but it has never worked directly on its own smartwatch, despite having its own Android wearables platform since 2014.

There are two elements to consider for the next Google smartwatch which, for now, has only the code name Rohan, Pixel Watch is in fact a possible unconfirmed name.

On the one hand, the development of Wear OS 3 in close collaboration with Samsung, which uses it on the Galaxy Watch 4 after setting aside its Tizen system.

On the other hand, the fact that the watch is being worked on by the Google Pixel hardware group and not by Fitbit. Google bought Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion earlier this year and direct involvement in the project was possible. As reported by The Verge the device should cost more than a Fitbit and compete, for technical characteristics and operating system, more directly with the Apple Watch.

Own Land integrations into Wear OS 3 of some Fitbit features could be the peculiarities of the new Google smartwatch. Wear OS 3, for example, on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 runs a heavily customized version of the operating system.

At the moment there is no information on the dimensions of the device and if there will be more measurements of the dial available. In terms of battery life, there should be no particular changes and daily recharging could still be the thorn in the side of this type of smartwatch. The straps are supposed to be proprietary, similar to the Apple Watch.

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