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Prevent the coronavirus from entering in human cells. It could be the Italian way against the coronavirus that causes Covid 19. Already at the beginning of the pandemic some studies had focused on the ACE2 receptor. Several researches have confirmed that SARS-CoV-2 enters cells where it will replicate through the converting enzyme.angiotensin II (Ace2), which is located on the endothelium of the pulmonary capillaries. It is their coating so to speak. This enzyme also plays a crucial role in blood pressure readings.

Prevent the coronavirus from entering in human cells: who are the three Italian scientists

The intuition of three Italian scientists starts from here. Unlike what happens with vaccines that target the Spike protein found on the coronavirus and serve it as a lock pick to enter cells, the idea is to keep the cell door open. The three scientists are Paolo Ciana, professor of Pharmacology at the University of Milan, Vincenzo Lionetti professor of Anesthesiology at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa and Angelo Reggiani, senior researcher and principal investigator in pharmacology at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. . Their study was published in the scientific journal Pharmacological Research. The three experts have already registered the patent to make it a drug.

The role of the ACE2 receptor

Then the three scientists sought and found ways to block the progressive advancement of the infection by any variant of Sars-CoV-2. Like? By blocking the ACE2 receptor, which as mentioned is the “door” that the coronavirus uses to enter human cells.

Prevent the coronavirus from entering in human cells: how does this method work?

The matter is a bit complicated. The study is based on the use of a DNA aptamer. It is a short oligonucleotide filament, capable of binding in general to molecules and proteins and in this specific case to the ACE2 receptor, blocking it. In this way, the spike protein of any variant of the coronavirus will not be able to enter the cell.

Few side effects and works against all variants

“Thanks to this study, it will now be possible to develop a new precision therapeutic approach to prevent severe Covid-19 infection. This method does not go to stimulate the immune system. Even the side effects related to the most famous drugs consisting of monoclonal antibodies or other therapeutic proteins, would not occur. In this sense, in fact, the potential toxicities of nucleic acids as drugs are far lower than others
innovative drugs such as monoclonal antibodies or other therapeutic proteins “.

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