How much will it cost this Monday, July 1st?

He The blue dollar will overheat this Monday, July 1st, and will exceed $1,400 for the first time, trading at $1,375 for a buy and $1,405 for an offer., according to survey Volume in the caves of the City.

Parallel currency rises by 40 dollars a day, and marks a new historical nominal record.

Advertisements Louis Caputo, Minister of Economy and President of the Central Bank (BCRA) Santiago Bausili, exchange of BCRA bonds for treasury bonds for banks and approval Legal basis And tax package which took place last Thursday at Chamber of DeputiesConsidered a political achievement of the government, it failed to stop the demand for the “green ticket” on the parallel market.

In this context, the parallel currency maintains the upward trend it gained in June. and the gap reaches 53.6%. Last month The unofficial dollar increased by $140 (+11.4%). Let us remind you that in May this exchange rate has already risen by $185 (+17.8%), after three months with slight fluctuations.

What is the official dollar exchange rate for today, Monday, July 1?

On the official exchange market wholesale dollar from $2.50 to $914.50 per unit. In June, it rose by $16.50 (+1.8%) below the Central Bank’s 2% crawling peg.

At the price of the dollar, MVP is traded today, Monday, July 1

He MEP dollar is up $23 and trading at $1370.94therefore the gap with the official one is 47.5%.

CCL Dollar Value Today, Monday, July 1

He dollar Cash with payment (KKL) collects $26 and works for $1,376.15 USD And spreading with the officer is in 48.5%.

Dollar card price today, Monday, July 1

He dollar card or tourist cardAnd dollar savings (or in solidarity) scale to $1492.

Cryptodollar quote today, Monday, July 1

He cryptodollar or Bitcoin Dollar works in US$1375.68 in accordance with Bitso.

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