How the love story between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds began

Countless are the love stories that emerged from the big screen recording scene after scene. But very few steal sighs and are envied by colleagues and fans. Blake Lively, the protagonist of gossip-girl Y Ryan Reynolds, interpreter of deadpool, They became one of the most beloved couples in the Hollywood environment and one of the most looked at every time the red carpet unfolds.

The actors in love were once again on everyone’s lips after the popular met gala in which one of the most striking moments was precisely the appearance of the couple. is that when Blake unfurled her stunning dress, the gaze and applause of Ryan they did not take long to arrive. There was no one who missed that scene. Everyone ran to publish the videos of this fact and the users went crazy on social networks wishing for a love like that of these two celebrities. But how did this beautiful story begin?

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