How to avoid and know if someone is spying on WhatsApp chats

Spy on WhatsApp chats (Photo: iPadizate)
Spy on WhatsApp chats (Photo: iPadizate)

WhatsApp is the number one messaging platform, as it has millions of users around the world. To save the privacy of all customers, Goal have end-to-end encrypted messagesso that no one can intervene and read them, however there are some tricks to see someone else’s chats.

Although seeing the conversations of others is bad, there are those who care little and manage to read them. One of the simplest strategies, which not even Meta can avoid, is for someone to take someone else’s cell phone, enter the WhatsApp app and start reviewing the chats.

To avoid this type of action you can put password to the application so that no one can read the chats even if the cell phone has been forgotten. It is something simple but effective that is established from the section of Settings from account.

Cell phone with the WhatsApp logo (Photo: iProfessional)
Cell phone with the WhatsApp logo (Photo: iProfessional)

Download a secondary application that has the same icon as WhatsApp which works as a decoy, since it automatically takes a picture with the front camera when it is opened. In this way, not only will the chats be prevented from being read by an intruder, it will be known who is the person who tried to see them.

Another way to discover and prevent someone from spying on chat conversations is to go to the Settings of the application and check if there are Linked Devices. This method works in case someone has taken advantage of leaving the mobile unlocked and has logged in to the web version; an action that takes no more than 30 seconds.

Remember that when you log in to the desktop version you can see all the conversations in real time. Although the mobile application remembers from time to time that you are logged in to the web, it is possible that spend enough time for someone to read or discover something they shouldn’t.

There is another method to know if someone is reading the conversations, but this one is only effective for iPhone users. If you have set a password to enter the conversations, there is a possibility that someone has taken advantage of a moment of carelessness (such as leaving WhatsApp open while receiving a request for delivery), to add your face in the unlock.

A man uses the WhatsApp app on his mobile (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)
A man uses the WhatsApp app on his mobile (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)

To check it, just go to Settings > Face ID and check if someone else’s face is configured. If there is, it can be removed and be careful that it does not happen again.

As you can see, tricks to read other people’s chats are so simple and humane that even end-to-end encryption doesn’t work. In these cases, it only remains to be aware that no one has taken the mobile phone in a moment of distraction. In the future, it will also be necessary to be aware that someone does not log in on another mobile, since the platform will activate this option.

WhatsApp is working on a new option that will allow you to open the same account on two mobiles simultaneously. It is a functionality for Android that It will be used to use the instant messaging application with the same phone number or user on two cell phones at the same time.

With that tool, it is possible to use up to four paired devices and one phone at a time. In the event that more than 14 days have passed and the mobile has not been used, the related equipment will be disconnected, according to what the company states on its website.


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