How to have a warm home and less expensive bills thanks to this fantastic trick

Winter is almost upon us. Among the things that we cannot do without during the cold season, there are undoubtedly the radiators.

It must be said, however, that all families, alongside the desire to have a warm and welcoming home, cultivate another one. That is to save on the costs that are faced for the use of heaters.

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How to have a warm home and less expensive bills thanks to this fantastic trick

For those lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, in a previous article we revealed 1 secret and 5 types of wood to choose from to stay warm at home all winter.

Many, in fact, especially if they live in the mountains, by feeding the fireplace, have the possibility to keep all the rooms warm.

Especially if it is a fireplace stove. This type, in fact, characterized by the fact that the hearth is not in direct contact with the environment but, separated by a glass, is among the most expensive. At the same time, however, among the most efficient.

In fact, if you opt for the fireplace stove, you proceed by professionally placing the pipes inside the building and the radiators in the various rooms of the house. Thus, with the power supply of the fireplace stove alone, excellent heat diffusion is guaranteed everywhere.

Obviously, for those who do not want or cannot keep wood at home, it is good to underline that the radiators also work with gas.

But be careful to maintain a constant temperature in the house.

In this case, in fact, the risk you run is to find yourself paying very high bills.

If we use gas radiators it is essential to maintain a constant temperature in the house.

Many argue, in fact, that it would be preferable to keep the radiators on at all times instead of turning them on and off according to time slots. Doing so, in fact, and therefore always maintaining the same temperature, would save on costs in the bill.

Let’s see the various uses of radiators

They, in addition to being a good method to spread heat in the various rooms of the house, are also very useful for speeding up the drying of clothes.

Without forgetting that, by attaching humidifiers to the radiators, and adding drops of perfume to the water contained in them, we can perfume the house.

But here’s the extra trick

Today we will reveal, in fact, how to optimize the diffusion of heat.

We assume that when the radiator releases heat, it tends to disperse through the walls, through the floors and if we do not close the windows properly, even the heat escapes from the rooms.

Well, if we place a carpet, preferably rather heavy, in the room where the radiator is positioned, even better, near it, we will be surprised by the result.

By doing so, the heat will be retained immediately. Therefore, the carpet, which in itself gives warmth and makes the environment more welcoming, will come in handy to keep the house warm for longer.

So we have seen how to have a warm home and less expensive bills thanks to this fantastic trick.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the behavior of our readers towards tools in the home or in the garden. For this reason it is recommended to use the utmost caution and attention with tools for the home and garden. to avoid creating unpleasant accidents In any case, it is strongly recommended to read the warnings given HERE”)

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