How to have the hidden Samsung menu on any mobile

For years, Samsung has had a hidden menu that it released with curved screen devices. This is the popular Edge Menu that all users of a samsung mobile they know perfectly. Today we tell you how install it on your mobile regardless of what brand it is. You can even install this menu on a Samsung, as it is more complete and allows for further customization. It’s a Lateral Menu that appears on the home screen only when you want. You will like!

This app installs a super useful hidden menu

The application we are talking about goes by the name of Panels – Sidebar. It is a fairly simple app that has a clear objective: offer a hidden side menu on your home screen. This is exactly the same as what Samsung offers on its mobiles. The advantage of the third-party app is that it allows much more customization.

when it is configured this menu is kept hidden and it only appears if you swipe from a certain point on the side of the screen. This action displays the menu with apps, weather information or shortcuts. All with a simple swipe gesture.

Samsung Edge Menu

Samsung Edge Menu

It is a very good option for store apps that you don’t want on your home screen but should have close at hand. It is also a good way to check the weather or access a space where you have several shortcuts for WiFi, data, etc. The configuration is endless!

Getting started with the app is as simple as downloading it from Google Play, opening it, and starting setup. Is Very complete and its customization will allow you to leave everything to your liking. For the more impatient there is also a quick activation and a standard design to start using it without having to configure almost anything.

More complete than Samsung’s own menu

The samsung menu It’s a very good idea, but most apps improve on design and functionality. Even if you have a Samsung mobile, we recommend installing ‘Panels – Sidebar’, because the customization options and features go beyond Samsung’s own.

Of course you have the option to display this hidden menu in a different way and with gestures in the places you want. We encourage you to download it and see the thousands of options it has. It is one of the most useful apps in terms of screen organization it means.

What do you think of this samsung hidden menu? Are you going to install it on your mobile?

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