How to sell silver and gold coins at Banco Azteca

If in your house you keep gold and silver coins as gifts received a long time ago or you acquired them as a way of saving and investing, perhaps taking them to a house dand endeavor is one of the options that you analyze if your personal finance have a tough time on the January slope if you weren’t careful not to overspend on the inns, Christmas Y New Year 2023 crafting and sticking to a monthly budget.

But if what you are looking for is liquidity and you prefer to sell your precious metal coins, then you may wonder what safe alternatives exist to sell your coinsin addition to buy ounces of silver or of Prayed or deposit the ones you already have for custody then you will be interested in knowing My Silver in the Azteca Bank Vault.

This Banco Azteca service allows users to open an account in which they can buy or sell pieces from the series of Ounces of Silver Libertadoffering the specialized custody service of this Family of coins of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

With this Banco Azteca service you can safely store your silver coins, as well as easily sell and buy coins. (Freepik)

Among the advantages of this Banco Azteca scheme is that in addition to the custody of this type of coins, a service not offered by other banks in the market, is that of keeping them under a security system in a bank branch, where they are also stored to continue in a good condition of conservationwhich is also an important factor to observe in collectible coins with numismatic value.

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Another interesting aspect of Mi Plata en Bóveda de Banco Azteca is that when you buy or sell gold and silver you are given a price preferential as a client. That is why it is a safe alternative for you to sell your Centenarios of gold or ounces of silver.

If you want to have your coins in cash at any time, it will be possible, you must submit the request to the bank and within 24 hours it will resolve to have them physically in your possession.

You can also plan and check the prices of precious metals or the Libertad series coins through the bank’s digital platform so that you can make an informed decision when looking for a good time to make a transaction in these coins.

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The requirements to open your account in Mi Plata at the Banco Azteca Vault include presenting documents such as your valid official identification –such as a voting card or passport-, a recent proof of address and covering an amount equivalent to at least 30 units of silver. The sale of your coins can be made from any branch with a ceiling for operations that is equivalent to 500 dollars.

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