How to take care of blonde hair in summer

It’s curious. The blond is the hair tone chosen by a large majority of women from 26-27 years old and it is not only a matter of aesthetics. This color transmits security and strength in the personality. David Lesursalon training director David Kunzle in Madrid recognizes that in blonde hair shows movement better. In addition, this color is directly related to iconic, beautiful, sensual, successful, glamorous or powerful women to imitate. From Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe to Cara Delevingne or Gigi Hadid.

The first to opt for blonde are the chestnuts, which feel closer to the long-awaited gold. In addition, choosing the ‘blonde’ side has other practical reasons, for example, the fact that better conceals the appearance of gray hair or that softens an image of harsh features.

Although Lesur warns: “Blond is not for everyone either. I can’t imagine a super sexy woman like Adriana Lima in the Candice Swanepoel style. get a woman to be favored by this color aim for a global vision through a series of steps, starting with the haircut, then the color and finally the hairstyle“.

The most requested shades of blonde hair in hairdressers

Among the star tones, the favorites are golden, wheat, ash blonde, platinum blonde ivory and the ‘ombré’ look, that is, from a darker root to almost white tips. Nor are they left behind blonde balayage highlights for a more natural effect. David Lesur advises us: “I always practice the Californian highlights technique, since they perfectly reproduce a crescendo of color just as the sun and the sea do naturally, starting with a darker root that becomes lighter as it reaches the tips.”

He also advises working highlights babylightsvery subtle for those who opt for change color gradually and discreetly. It also highlights that both techniques are the ones that damage the hair the least and require less maintenance and care, which is why they are also the most popular.

Techniques and care to maintain the color and shine of blonde hair

The blonde hair is more fragile than other colors due to the discoloration process that it implies, sensitizing and weakening it. That is why it is essential to take care of it and nurture it more than a natural hair in each wash with specific products —for example, shampoos to correct the tone and lines created to repair the damage in blonde hair— and including at least once a week, a deep hair fiber repair treatment with masks. We have a selection with the 10 best masks to nourish dry hair that will surely interest you.

And in summer… what to do if you have dyed your hair and the dreaded yellowish or orange reflections begin to appear?

David Lesur advises products with violet pigments to counteract yellows and blues for oranges, hence the well-known purple and blue shampoos. Nor are they surprising in the halls the cries for the greenish hue who has turned the recently released blond by chlorine and the sun. Lesur warns of the high risk of burning the hair and even the scalp: “We must bear in mind that it is being handled high volume hydrogen peroxide and volatile bleaching products and highly dangerous. Also, instead of reaching the desired blonde, the hair can end up a rusty orange color or an unflattering yellow.”

How do you get a platinum blonde?

To know the number of discolorations we need for optimal platinum blondewe have to start from whether it is natural or dyed hair, its quality, thickness, whether it is straight hair or curly hair… Generally, a single bleaching is not enough, it is advisable to practice two light discolorations instead of a strong one. To finish, a toner can be applied to achieve a whiter or ash blonde or with shades of pink, blue…

After a few hours of peroxidation, David Lesur recommends not wash your hair for two days: “It is the best way for the scalp to regenerate the lipid film, which is a natural protector. You have to use thermal protectors before using the straightener and if you wear a ponytail, avoid stretching it too much, as well as tight updos” .

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