Hugh Jackman clarifies on the photos of Wolverine and Kevin Feige shared on IG


Earlier last month, some stories of Hugh Jackman on Instagram they had literally confused fans. The reason? According to some, the actor was anticipating, in a veiled way, a possible return of Wolverine in the MCU.

Ever since the actor officially greeted the iconic character with the release of Logan – The Wolverine from James Mangold, there are plenty of fans who would like to see him once again in the role of the mutant with the claws of adamantium, especially now that the X-Men – thanks to the acquisition of Fox by Disney – are preparing to make their highly anticipated official debut in the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Unfortunately, those stories did not refer in any way to a return of the famous actor in the role of the character who gave him international fame. In a recent interview with ComicBook on the occasion of the promotion of Reminiscence, Hugh Jackman explained that it was not his intention to agitate fans by posting those images (he had first shared a Wolveine fan art created by the famous Boss Logic and then a photo of him alongside Kevin Feige), revealing the real reason behind those shares.

“As for that fan art, it was a repost and that’s something I like to do. And, of course, I love the fans. Then I went out to do I don’t remember what, and when I went back and checked, I realized I had dropped a real bomb, but it was absolutely not my intention. I thought no one would believe me. That’s exactly how it went. It is clear that fans are always looking beyond. But I also love them for this. “


In another interview with Jake’s Takes, however, Jackman reiterated why he will not return as the iconic mutant: “Beyond all the rumors, no possibility was seriously considered, also because I have not received any calls from Kevin Feige. I knew that Logan was going to be my farewell to the character and that allowed me to make the most of that experience. He’s a character I still love very much, but I know I’m done with Wolverine. You can tell everyone. Actually, do me a favor: tell Ryan Reynolds too because he thinks I’m just joking. “

Wolverine’s future in theaters, beyond Hugh Jackman

After the release of Logan – The Wolverine of 2017, Hugh Jackman officially said goodbye to the character. At the moment we still don’t know who will pick up the legacy of the Australian actor on the big screen, as the mutant with the adamantium claws will soon make his debut in the MCU. Anyone who will find themselves playing the character of Wolverine he will obviously have the arduous task of having to deal with a portrait that is still one of the most popular and most loved for superhero films today.


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