‘I am legend’ will have a sequel, with Michael B. Jordan joining Will Smith

The Oscar race has an undisputed protagonist, Will Smithwho after publishing his shocking autobiography is a favorite in the Best Actor category for his appearance in Williams method. As usual for this star, this nomination has led to a strenuous promotion, where from time to time he had the opportunity to remember how much he enjoyed playing Robert Neville in I’m legend2007 horror film he directed Francis Lawrence. I’m legend It was based on a 1950s novel published by Richard Mathesondelving into a post-apocalyptic world that Smith and his dog aimed to be the only survivors of, and a few months ago briefly came back into fashion thanks to the anti-vaccine movement.

The most critical of this remedy against COVID-19 remembered that a vaccine was what turned the world population of I’m legend in zombies, although this idea was based on a misleading understanding of the film. Beyond the controversies, Smith’s affection for the character has just received the support of Warner to give rise to a sequel 15 years later. as collected The Hollywood Reporterthe major has given the green light to the hypothetical i am legend 2with Smith returning as an actor and producer, and joining the cast Michael B Jordan. The latter, famous for titles such as Black Panther or the saga believewill also carry out production work with Smith, while he is expected to return as a screenwriter Akiva Goldsmannresponsible for the original script.

Will Smith and Tom Cruise

The same has not been said about Lawrence as a director, nor about Alice Braga Y charlie tahanwho accompanied Smith with small roles in I’m legend. The most enigmatic thing about the project, however, is how it will manage to establish continuity with the original film, since it ended with Neville’s heroic sacrifice (which is why, among other things, the story responded to the title of “I’m legend”). Adding this to the fact that the film has never had a great critical evaluation, this effort by Hollywood to take up the IP is even more surprising, although any doubt dissipates when we realize that Lawrence’s film grossed a whopping $585 million.

From this sequel we can therefore expect an inevitable distance from Matheson’s novel, perhaps at the cost of Neville’s resurrection or the way Goldsman manages to include Jordan’s mysterious character in the story. Be that as it may, it is a film with considerable fame among the public, and surely the sequel will accumulate interest in the coming months as it develops. Warner has not yet sounded out a release date.

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