“I am ready to marry you right now and support you”: These are the declarations of love that were painted in graffiti for Shakira in front of her house in Barcelona | People | Entertainment

Two weeks ago the controversial separation between Shakira Y Pique It was unleashed, and to this day it continues to give something to talk about because the events around both do not end.

In fact, this Monday morning several painted graffiti appeared in the vicinity of the family home that has the artist Colombian in Barcelona. Is vandalism situation surprised locals and strangers alike because it was extremely uncomfortable for the singer Barranquilla and her children.

What did the graffiti say for Shakira?

According to the Marca website, the morning of last Monday, June 20, left Shakira in shock, after outside her home, and on the highway, some messages appeared in English; “I love you pretty woman”, “I come here for you, my love”, or “I am ready to marry you right now and support you”, were the most outstanding graffiti.

Gerard Piqué does not hide his infidelity to Shakira: They see him with his new girlfriend “CC” in an affectionate situation and inside his car at dawn

being in another idiom, many assume that it is some tourist or follower. However, this act is quite negative and reprehensible because it invades the privacy of a person, regardless of whether they are famous or not.

After this, the singer’s brother decided to go to the police station to get these graffiti erased. But this is not the only concern of the familyShakira also received annotations inside her mailbox from another individual, placed by an unknown person.

In fact, the Guardia Urbana itself had to go to their home so that they themselves could see those notes for the first time. So far it is unknown who or who could have been the authors of this fact.

The separation between Shakira and Piqué is still standing

Meanwhile, Shakira and Piqué continue to try to separate their paths, although there are still many points in common that are non-negotiable. Like, for example, his children, who could recently be seen with their father who went to look for them to take them to the college.

The elitist education of Milan and Sasha: This is the school where Shakira’s children study under a strict American school curriculum of personalized attention

On the other hand, there are rumors that Shakira intends to leave Spain and move to Miamiin USAwhere he apparently has a house to stay in, something the soccer player Spaniard will not accept that it happens that easily, because it is known that he will fight to have custody of his little ones. (AND)

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