‘I am shocked and beaten’, the reaction of Carlos Alfaro Moreno, president of Barcelona SC for what happened with Gabriel Cortez | National Championship | Sports

“I am shocked and really beaten”, this was the reaction of Carlos Alfaro Moreno, president of Barcelona SC regarding what happened this Friday with midfielder Gabriel Cortez.

The midfielder was arrested in the morning by the National Police and was transferred to Esmeraldas. In a press conference from that city, the Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, mentioned alleged links between the soccer player and a criminal organization.

“One never expects a subject like this, I am shocked and really shocked by what happened. The statement issued by Barcelona expresses our feelings”, said the yellow headline in conversation with DirecTV Sports.

“When we hired Cortez, many people told us that he was a good hire, we hired him because of his great conditions,” added the leader.

Alfaro Moreno commented that there is an “ethics manual” in the club and that this is not only for the players but “for everyone” who makes up the institution.

“There is a very strong sponsor (who did not mention it) that conditions us managers in our behavior, so we are all involved in this manual of ethics and behavior; then there was no disciplinary issue to mark against this player during this year and almost half that accompanies us, “said Alfaro Moreno.

“There was no late arrival, nor a signal that it arrived in poor condition. In sports, some expected more, I sincerely believe that he gave us more than we expected, ”he added.

Alfaro Moreno insisted that the club is “beaten” and “shocked” and that they await the decision of the authorities and the result of the investigations.

“We are expectant, with eyes and ears wide open to officially communicate what the situation is. Today I cannot express another concept, I would not like to go further. We are beaten”, concluded the Barcelona president.

Gabriel Cortez, born in Esmeraldas 26 years ago, is the current top scorer in the LigaPro series A, with seven goals.

He has been stellar in the team’s last three presentations in the national championship, with Loco completing the 270 minutes played. (D)

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