“I am the luckiest to have lived with her warmth, her laughter, her intelligence and her love”

kelly rizoremembered her late husband, Bob Saget, in an extensive and tender publication on her social networks.

One year after the death of Bob Saget, his wife remembers him with a tender message

One year after the death of Bob Saget, his wife remembers him with a tender message | Font: diffusion

It’s been a year since actor Bob Saget passed away at the age of 65, while he was starting a tour of his comedy show around the United States. It is for this very reason that the wife of the missing interpreter, kelly rizzodecided to honor him with a tender message on the networks, where he dedicated tender words to the former member of ‘Full House’.

Kelly Rizzo, wife of Bob Saget and her tender message to the late actor

Through his official Instagram account, kelly rizzohe recalled with a tender dedication to Bob Saget, a year after his abrupt death.

The influencer also began her message by showing that she still misses the one who considered her life “loving husband”.

“How could I not have spoken to or seen my loving husband in a full year?”wrote Kelly Rizzo.

“This is so surreal and it never goes away. I accepted reality long ago, but it still seems unreal to me when I see photos or video of him so full of life. But the best thing that I carry with me makes me survive every day. I was the luckiest woman in the world.”explained the wife of the missing Bob Saget.

“I am the luckiest to have lived with her warmth, her laughter, her intelligence and her love. I am the luckiest to have had their girls by my side, ”he said, revering the daughters of the actor’s previous marriage, Aubrey, Lara and Jennifer. Some people could live 1000 times and never live as full a life as yours. And to that I have to say, very well done. You won your life love. And that is why I will always be grateful for all the love you gave me, until the last day.”sentenced Kelly Rizzo, after marrying bob saget at the end of 2018.

Bob Saget's wife pays tribute by getting a tattoo:

John Stamos remembers Bob Saget with video

For his part, john stamoswho was a partner of bob saget In the remembered ‘Full House’ show, he remembered the deceased actor with a video and dedicated a message to him on his social networks.

“The most wasted day of our lives is the day we don’t laugh. Sometimes it’s hard without you Bob, but we try. We will continue to love and we will continue to hug just as you wanted. I can’t believe it’s been a year, time flies when you’re grieving I guess.”points to the description of the video.

In the images you can see bob saget Y john stamos joking on the set of ‘Full House’ recordings, where they both look very young, showing that despite the years they still maintained contact and affection until the date of his death.

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