”I couldn’t let him down…”


Sergio Aguero He is characterized by his spontaneity and his clear way of saying things, regardless of the consequences. On this occasion, the former striker says that he was about to forget his son after he Argentina win the World Cup in Qatar.

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Kun says that everything was very fast and that he had not paid attention to his personal things because he was celebrating the title in style.

It was at that moment that he had a moment of lucidity and remembered, before boarding the plane, that his son was waiting for him in the hotel room. Omen He recounts that he was going to travel with the team back to his country, but that he did not remember that he had his son Benjamin in the bedroom.

“The boys wanted to take me with them to Argentina. They told me to hurry up, that the plane was leaving and I: ‘Come on, let’s go. I presented the passport, everything’. I was going with the National Team and there I remembered that I had my son in the apartment, I couldn’t leave him lying around. I called Benja and told him I was going there. He was so primed that I forgot everything, ha ”, he recounted with a laugh in a direct.

Kun celebrated the World Cup like nobody else, he was the one who carried Messi in the Olympic round and he even told with grace that he had a little drinks.

“What a nice pedal it had. I drank a lot, I was without eating and it hits you twice as much. If something happens to me, let it happen to me in Qatar. Leo got angry and told me to stop, ”he recalls.

Omen He also talked about why Argentine soccer players did not give interviews to the Spanish media. “Many of the players were not giving notice to the Spanish media. I don’t know why they were killed. In the finale we sang the famous song against journalists”.

On the other hand, the ex-soccer player Manchester City revealed the suffering of Messi until you win the World Cup.

“You do not know what Leo suffered for the selection. The desire that he had to win. I have seen it many times very bad. Sometimes things didn’t work out for him. This is soccer. He kept insisting. In 2016, after so much trouble in Argentina, he resigned and then returned with everything. And I think that from then on, he didn’t care if they killed him or not. Copa América, the final against Italy and the World Cup ”, he closed.

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