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By Gian Franco Gil

The controversial Cuban journalist, Julia Osendi, agreed to talk with a Complete Swing team about the Elite League of Cuban Baseball and some of the factors that caused the disinterest of fans and players, statements that, as always, heated up the social networks of immediate way.

One of the reasons why the new baseball tournament began with “the left foot” was due to the delay in the delivery of the uniforms, a situation for which the championship was postponed for several days, a sample of irresponsibility and lack of organization in the processes concerning the winter campaign.

«You think that in a series that nobody cares about; neither to the players themselves, nor to the directors. I say it based, I’m not going to say anything else. They couldn’t have made Batos suits. Isn’t it better to buy the fabrics, give work to the sports industry? Who was great all his life with balls, bats, masks. That was becoming impoverished like everything in this country, but the sports industry became a tremendous sports industry, “reflected Osendi.

It turns out that the Cuban Baseball Federation lost a valuable opportunity to create alliances with the Cuban sports industry and decided to hire the Team Mate brand to function as an intermediary and manage what could be produced without leaving the national territory.

«I do not want to think badly, but in these processes, how much is gained and lost? We’re not kids from kindergarten, but I can’t say anything because I’m out of everything. I am more or less repeating what I have heard in any neighborhood queue, because people keep talking about baseball, if they don’t talk about the Astros and Yulieski, they talk about this, about the failure that the Elite Series is, because it is a failure, ” Julita sentenced.

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