“I had a broken rib, I couldn’t even run” | Relief

Antonio Puertas said goodbye to Los Carmenes as a Granada legend. After seven unforgettable years in the First Division, the footballer danced in the stadium for the last time. However, everything did not happen as he wanted, and Sandoval wanted to acknowledge this in his press appearance.. The player took to the grass with a broken rib in great pain, asking to play in a different position to avoid more pain and even dared to take a penalty in search of his dream final.

The player entered the field in the 89th minute, despite the fact that the fans asked for more minutes for him, since the team was already mathematically relegated. However, this was impossible:I agreed, I couldn’t do it without warming up. He had a broken rib and hadn’t trained with the group for a week. I told him I wanted him to be applauded and that I didn’t even want him to come out and warm up.” Ignored, Puertas wanted to warm up to reach the top level and defend his Granada jersey one last time. time in Los Carmenes.

“When I saw him warming up, I said, ‘Go with this man.’ He told me: “Mister, put me on the left wing, because the turns don’t hurt as much.” So you can see the dedication and dedication of this man and how cruel football was to him,” adds the Granada coach. A huge sacrifice for a player who asked to play in a different position to avoid more pain. It would probably hurt. even walk…

But Sandoval also made it clear that it was a unique day for his player, who has defended the Granada shirt at some of the most important moments in his club’s history. “I wanted it to get recognition because the fans really know who has helped make this shield more and more over the years.“Even the coach spoke to the fourth official before he came on in the 89th minute to inform him so he could make a substitution for the rest of the match.

In particular, he commented: “Please. Give me four minutes for this. Let me know because he can’t even run.“It’s a very long way from word to deed. Antonio Puertas came out and everything disappeared.”And look, he went to war“, says Sandoval. He was kicked, awarded a penalty, he decided to shoot, and fate wanted the ball to hit the crossbar. A strong blow after a titanic effort.

I just have to make a decision: I want to be there to say goodbye to his people and try.. In the attempt lies the kindness of people and, above all, dedication,” concludes the technician. Doors, whether he did it or missed it… After the game, he was honored by his people and received a commemorative painting honoring his legacy. and was recognized as a hero. A hero for seven years, and also at his last dance. With a broken rib, he wanted to give his last service to Granada.

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