“I started from a sofa and turned down a mountain of money for Avatar” –


from Stefania Ulivi, sent to Cannes

The actor talks about himself at the Croisette during the official screening of “Stillwater”
and he is moved thinking about the year and a half of the pandemic, without cinema

Moved at the official screening of Stillwater by Tom McCarthy which he brings out of competition here. Ready to make fun of himself, revealing bold professional choices, such as refusing Avatar for which James Cameron offered him 10% of the profits. Ready to indulge fans, including requests for autographs at the end at the meeting with the public. Here is Matt Damon, more and more boy next door despite his 50th birthday in October, so happy to be in person “at the most iconic festival in the world”, to leave room for tears. “We lived for a year and a half in an inhuman situation, without direct contact. After what we went through being in a room with a thousand people made me cry. I feel like it’s the first time ». In reality they are not counted, just as it is difficult to remember all the titles that matter of a career in which he crossed the greatest. “I never had any doubts that I wanted to be an actor, I knew that since I was a boy.”


Passion shared with Ben Affleck, friends already ten years old, and then, launched together into the world they dreamed of thanks to Will Hunting. Rebel genius, from college to Oscar. “We lived in Boston with other friends in a very small apartment, Ben slept on the sofa. Nobody wanted to rent us a bigger one. When the first piece about us came out Variety we brought it with us ». Signed contract. “With the first money we earned, we bought a Jeep Cherokee.” The mess tin, he says, helped him keep his feet on the ground. “Never take yourself too seriously.” Money doesn’t seem to be the priority either, judging by the taste with which he tells of Avatar. “Cameron told me he was preparing this movie that didn’t need a star. But if I took the part he would offer me 10% of the profits. I was working on post production for Bourne Identity, I did not feel like giving up. Look at me, you won’t know an actor who has turned down that much money ».

He has collected many directors, almost all. Spielberg, Coppola, Scorsese, Nolan, Scott, Van Sant, Soderbergh (“nine times”), Eastwood (“The first is always good for him. Invictus I had to act with a South African accent, I asked if I could do it again. And he: “Why, do you want to make time perfect?” »Imitates him to perfection), his friends who have passed over to the other side, like Clooney. “Me director? I’ve been close to it several times. ‘ We’re almost there, he suggests. Meanwhile, he enjoyed the experience with McCarthy for Stillwater, with Camille Cottin and Abigail Breslin a story between thriller and melodrama, inspired only as a starting point by the story of Amanda Knox. He is Bill Baker, a typical son of deep America, Oklahoma, who finds himself in Marseille to try, after having made a lot of trouble, to help his daughter in prison for murder, to prove his innocence. “Far away from me, I looked for an emotional closeness, he has a sense of guilt for what he is, it’s every parent’s nightmare to feel inadequate.” He has some experience on paternal sentiment, four daughters with his wife Luciana Barroso. “For the media, I’m boring. Zero gossip. I think they surrendered with me, lurking in front of our house doesn’t pay. ” Unlike his movie family members: Ben, Brad above all. “I don’t know how they do it. Even if they want to be reserved, they can’t. I consider myself lucky ». The revenge of the common man.

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