“I would love to meet a single man, widowed or divorced, between 60 and 65 years old”: “La Chilindrina” is looking for a boyfriend at 72 and says she neither looks nor feels that age | People | Entertainment

The life of María Antonieta de las Nieves, “La Chilindrina” was extinguished for a year. She will never forget the man with whom she shared for 48 years. Her beloved husband, the announcer Gabriel Fernández, left almost three years ago and since then she longs for those days with her great companion.

But, when the pandemic arrived in months of extreme confinement, the artist knew what absolute solitude was in a few years as a widow, a time in which she learned to enjoy her own company, renewing her strength and taking care of herself.

Although she misses the days with her partner, the member of “Chavo del 8”, she is ready to fall in love again and why not, live love with the same intensity as in the past.

La Chilindrina is looking for a boyfriend at 72

From an interview for TV Notes magazine, La Chilindrina surprised when talking about her sentimental life, being a woman who prefers privacy, totally reserving aspects of her personal life. However, she agreed and showed that part in which every woman experiences after years of being without a partner.

At 72 years old, and saying that she will always keep her husband alive in memory, the artist confessed that she is ready to fall in love again, and try a new relationship, so she does not rule out being able to get married.

“Of course (I miss him). I never thought he would go before me. He said that, if it happened, then I would go after him. When he died I was almost unconscious for a year, I didn’t want to talk to anyone or watch television. She didn’t know if it was on, off or they changed the channel, she just stared straight ahead, ”she said when describing the difficult situation she went through when her husband died at the age of 85.

“La Chilindrina” woke up from that lethargy when she saw that she had lost 10 kilos. “OMG! But who is this skeleton that I am seeing in the mirror?”, She remembers her saying when she saw herself prostrated by so much sadness and in an emotional slump.

For this reason, the Mexican star opens up to love and comments how she would like the man in her life to be.

“I would love to meet a single man, widowed or divorced, between 60 and 65 years old. I am 72, but I do not feel or look that age, not at all, ”he said between smiles as he revealed the characteristics of that gentleman who can conquer his heart.

With her marked good humor, María Antonieta de las Nieves says how she feels at her age to embark on an adventure that leads her to be accompanied.

“I am very new, I have never gone out for a walk, I have not been partying or anything. Basically I have dedicated myself to work and to take care of my family. From the age of six until now I have not stopped for a single moment. I had some little boyfriends, but only one husband, which turned out very well… It lasted me 48 years, but I have that advantage: I’m not very used, “she said.

He talked about how his chances of meeting a person are reduced, since he doesn’t have a social life. “The only bad thing is that I don’t leave my house and I’m just at the circus, and my circus friends are all busy.”

Therefore, when asked if he would opt for the use of a dating application, he ruled it out due to the possibility of meeting someone who could take advantage of it.

“Oh no, how horrible! It scares me very much. Besides, people believe that artists earn a lot of money… The other time I was talking to my son Gabriel about it and he warned me not to go grab some young gallant who thinks I’m a millionaire, because he’s going to leave me when he sees That is not the case,” he clarified.

However, she pointed out that she prefers an “independent man who does not give me, but who does not take me away either, to be on equal terms,” ​​she said, mentioning that she is willing to have a partner who travels with her and shares the same tastes. (AND)

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