If Diego Lainez came to America he would be the best paid; “I couldn’t see the team in the face,” says Santiago Baños

The president of America cannot meet the economic claims of the Real Betis striker, due to the little activity in recent years

MEXICO.- America sought since April 2022 to repatriate Diego Laínez and in this winter transfer period, the return of the Mexican forward was attempted again, but the high salary he requested and a potential conflict of interest between representatives made any option go away.

“Own Diego He asked us for 2 million dollars in salary from the club. Give that kind of salary to Diego It would make him the highest paid player on the squad, a player who in the last year has played 13.14 percent of the minutes; I think he is not correct, he does not speak well of priorities.

“With what face could I see Henry Martín, (Álvaro) Fidalgo, (Alejandro) Zendejas, players who have been here for a long time, trying to make history with the club and do not have close to the parameters,” he said. Santiago Bathpresident of America in an interview with Marca Claro.

The president of the America considers that there is a conflict of interest in those who represent Diego Laínez Y Alexander Zendejas and it was not possible for the current Real Betis de Sevilla player to reinforce the Águilas so that both players did not compete to play for the same club.

The manager stated that America wanted to repatriate Diego Laínez since last April, having him in Mexican soccer so that he could play and acquire a rhythm that would help him to be considered for Qatar 2022.

“I went to Seville to come on loan, but the transfer did not materialize and recently we were in contact with Betis, trying to see the possibility of having him. We even negotiated between the pass of Diego due to the percentage that we still have of Guido Rodríguez, nothing was achieved”, he declared. Santiago Banos.

“Representatives Alex López and César Morales have a conflict of interest in bringing him to the America because he would fight directly in the position of Zendejas, whom they also represent,” he stressed. Santiago Banos.

Santiago Baños said that if Lainez prioritizes the economic part “it has no place in the America” although perhaps there is a club in Mexico that will pay him what he asks for.

Then he delved into the issue of representatives by pointing out that “putting players with the same representative does not speak well either, because at the end of the day this is a sport and they are both young players who are in the process for the next World Cup. What you need to Mexico is the sports competition and what better to be able to do it directly in the America”.

Finally, on the subject, he applauded the fact that FIFA has already changed the regulations and now it will be the soccer federations of each country that regulate the movement of the representatives and accused that “the players already pay a lot of attention to their representatives” and the they make very important.

On the other hand, he ruled out that Kevin Álvarez is going to reinforce the Americabecause Pachuca did not want to give it up when he asked for references about the player.

Regarding the arrival of another reinforcement for the present Clausura 2023, he affirmed that if it arrives, fine; if not, the campus remains as it is. He said that Miguel Layún can perfectly fill the position of winger that was being sought and another player could leave the club, if an interesting proposal arrives.

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