If you liked Persuasion, these 4 period films are ideal for you


Have you seen the film based on Jane Austen’s novel with Dakota Johnson? Then review this list that goes far beyond Pride and Prejudice or Emma.

Dakota Johnson stars in Persuasion on Netflix.
© IMDbDakota Johnson stars in Persuasion on Netflix.

If you love period romance movies, you are in the right place. This Friday, Netflix premiered a new adaptation of Persuasionthe novel of Jane Austen now coming to streaming with dakota johnson leading the cast. But if you have seen it and want to know more, we suggest you continue with other films like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, ​​Love and Friendship either Sense and Sensibility. In case you have already reviewed those titles, below we detail other tapes that you should add to your list.

+ 4 period films to watch after Persuasion

4. Far From The Madding Crowd

Far From The Madding Crowd It is directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts and Michael Sheen. Although it premiered in 2015, is set in Victorian England and follows a single, independent young woman who attracts three very different suitors. While one is a mature bachelor, another works as a farmer and the other is a farmer. In Latin America, it can be enjoyed in Star+while in Spain it is in Disney+.

3. Northanger Abbey

Carey Mulligan returns to appear in this film starring Felicity Jones, Geraldine James, Michael Judd and Julia Dearden. Is about Northanger Abbeythe period film released in 2007 under the direction of jon jones. Although it did not achieve the same recognition as novels such as pride and prejudice either emmait is also the adaptation of a book by Jane Austen that shows a young woman fond of sensationalist gothic novels.

2.Jane Eyre

If you have enjoyed Persuasion or other adaptations of Jane Austen, then you should also pay attention to the movies based on the books of the Brontë sisters. On this occasion, we suggest you see jane eyrethe film inspired by the novel by Charlotte Bronte which premiered in 2011 and that follows a governess who manages to soften the heart of her boss, discovering that he has an important secret. While in Spain you can enjoy it on platforms like Prime Video or HBO Maxin Latin America it is part of the catalog of StarzPlay.

1. Becoming Jane

Now yes! In case you feel like an expert on Jane Austen’s novels and the women writers she inspired in the years that followed, we recommend becoming jane. It is a biographical portrait that represents the author long before she was famous, just when she begins an affair with an Irishman. premiered in 2007 under the direction of Julian Jarrold and with performances by Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. In streaming, it is available in the catalog of Prime Video.

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