“I’m a bit scared”. Selena Gomez’s confession about the premiere of My Mind & Me

Selena Gomez left behind a dark stage and wanted to share it with all her fans

Selena Gomez left behind a dark stage and wanted to share it with all her fans

To the sincerity with which she will expose herself in My Mind & Me, the documentary about her life and the darkest moments she had to go through that Apple TV + will premiere this month, Selena Gomez added a brutal confession: on Kelly Clarkson’s show, The 30-year-old actress and singer spoke about how personal the material she recorded became and was completely vulnerable. “I’m a bit scared”he confessed.

The program of the American cheerleader began with a clip with images of Gomez. Clarkson, back on the floor, marveled at the artist’s candor in the film, which includes from discussions of bipolar diagnosis to her experience with lupus and her mental health issues.

Selena Gomez left behind a dark stage and wanted to share it with all her fans

Selena Gomez left behind a dark stage and wanted to share it with all her fans

In 2020, the star of Only Murders in the Building He visited McLean Hospital, where he spoke publicly for the first time about his diagnosis: bipolar disorder. “It is one of the best mental health hospitals,” Gomez explained, adding: “I was able to say my diagnosis out loud for the first time,” he added, acknowledging that making his problem public was not easy, but it gave him a lot of strength.

Noting that it was important to her that the documentary feel “really personal,” the “Wolves” singer admitted to Clarkson that she has some reservations about its release. “I’m a little scared,” she explained. “A lot of people are going to see this other side of me, and I’m like, ‘I hope they like it.'”

After Selena’s confession, Clarkson was quick to respond, assuring her that she found the material “powerful” and “refreshing” and adding, “It’s such a filtered world… We’re different generations and I feel like your generation and the younger ones filter all in the networks. That is not real life. Watching the documentary is going to help a lot of people,” she analyzed. “I hope so because I’m very nervous,” replied the singer.

The worst stage of his life

Gomez decided to talk about “the worst stage of her life” in the long-awaited documentary. The former Disney girl started at a very young age in the entertainment industry and in this new production she wanted to make it clear that not everything was rosy on that path. Especially during her adolescence, when she suffered severe episodes of anxiety and depression. That’s a bit the look left by the new trailer that the platform streaming released last month.

Strong versions indicate that the link with Francia Raisa, who donated a kidney to the singer, would definitely be broken

With Francia Raisa, who donated a kidney

Since the news was known, Selena’s biggest fans are ready for the premiere, because she has emphasized on her social networks the love she put into being able to pass on to the public everything she experienced in recent years. It must be remembered that in the last four, Selena remained somewhat inactive on social networks for some sporadic seasons. She now wants to show with her documentary that it was all because of the psychological diagnoses she was struggling with.

In the trailer, she is seen lying on her bed, not wanting to go out and in the middle of endless crying. In addition, there are quite revealing images about how she had to continue in her work activities, despite not being emotionally well.

And it is that the physical issue was also another factor that ended up making her live one of her worst streaks. In My Mind & Me It addresses how she took having been diagnosed with lupus and what happened to her disease after her friend, Francia Raisa, donated a kidney to her due to complications from this condition. Although the interpreter of “Lose You to Love Me” has always been a benchmark of resilience, with this production she promises to reveal what celebrities experience when working in such a complicated industry, which has them in the crosshairs of the public eye. all time.

When it premieres?

The premiere is scheduled for November 4, 2022 for all Apple TV + subscribers.

One of the phrases that has been positioned as one of the most iconic in the documentary so far is the one expressed by Gomez when she admits that she feels happy to “be alive.” Thus, the celebrity hinted that the last six years of her life have not been the best, but that calm always comes after the storm.

For her, mental health is not a minor issue and that was already demonstrated with the dozens of talks she gave on the subject and, above all, with the opening of her foundation. Rare Impactwhich seeks to improve access to mental health plans for young people from low-income communities.

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