“I’m about to face the biggest challenge of my life. We are the discontinuity “

TREVISO – «I’m about to face the biggest challenge of my life“. So it looks like Alessandro Benetton, appointed yesterday president of Edition Holding, the financial parent company of the Benetton galaxy, and entrusts its institutional message to Youtube. “I’ve seen uopportunity for discontinuity to reinterpret the industrial approach that has characterized us as a family over time – he says in the video – when I was presented with the opportunity to be able to have real weight in the decisions of the group I chose to do it, I don’t want to be Park bench, I want to embark on this new challenge by taking with me everything I have learned with 21 invested in thirty years of work ».

The vision and commitment

In # uncaffèconalessandro, the appointment that the manager has every Thursday with his 22,900 followers, explains the reasons for his commitment and his vision. “Of course I won’t be alone, I will do it together with my cousins ​​and manager qualified, we will focus on young people and teamwork, on innovation and sustainability: even this video alone is a sign of a first change; for many in Italy – he adds – it is absurd that the president of a group of this size makes videos for YouTube or Instagram and it is even more unusual that he uses them to make institutional announcements but this has always been my way of communicating “. Until now, the manager has not given interviews «because I wanted you to be the first to hear me talk about this, trying as always to be direct and simple. The discontinuity that my cousins ​​and I represent – he reiterates – will be a first step to rediscover and rediscover the innovative and avant-garde character that has always characterized Edition ».

The weight of the surname

The new president of Edizione, Alessandro Benetton, knows very well how much “weight” your surname and in the first institutional message he underlines the discontinuity with the past and at the same time the return to the origins. «I know very well that the surname Benetton in this period many do not like it – he says openly – mistakes have been made, some very serious and I’m not talking about the Morandi bridge, that is a tragic consequence which will weigh forever, mistakes were made before: when you chose to give too many delegations to the wrong people. This is why we are here today to talk about my appointment as president, because today I saw an opportunity of discontinuity to reinterpret the industrial approach that has characterized us as a family over time “. Edition, remembers the manager, is “a huge reality closely tied to the history of my family, which in the past has been able to innovate and be at the forefront in many fields”.

So far Alessandro Benetton has been out of it: “My work is another: I have been dealing with 21 Invest for 30 years. Those of you who have followed me for the longest time, among other things, know how much I was against some things with respect to the family business, so much so that they even resigned as president of Benetton, after a short period of office ». Now a new chapter begins and Alessandro Benetton makes an appointment for the next stages of his adventure with a quote: «Since I decided to accept this position, only one sentence continues to buzz in my head. This is from the comic in which the character of Spider-man makes his first appearance: “With great powers comes great responsibility”. It expresses exactly how I feel now ».

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