Images of Tesla’s humanoid robot

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, presented the Optimus robot at Tesla AI Day 2022

The first prototype of humanoid robot designed by TeslaElon Musk’s company, was presented to the public during the event Tesla AI Day 2022dedicated to the technological advances made by the company regarding Artificial Intelligences.

During his skills demonstration, Optimus, as the robot has been called, was able to walk, greet the audience present in the auditorium and also took time to perform a small ‘dance’ on stage. According to Musk, this was the first time that the robot performed these activities without the need for a support to prevent falls or accidents.

On the other hand, according to what could be seen in a video, the first version Optimus’s has the ability to identify objects, pick them up, interact with them, and then drop them without causing any damage to them.

Presentation of the prototype of Optimus, the robot designed by Tesla (Capture)
Presentation of the prototype of Optimus, the robot designed by Tesla (Capture)

In addition, it was possible to see the presentation of a more advanced model of Optimus, a second version which has a difference of 6 months development compared to the first. Although I had a greater control on the fingers of his extremities, he could not walk. However, by being placed on a stand, he was able to show that he had control over his legs and could fully extend them to the sides.

The price that was advertised by Elon Musk during his presentation at the event, he was $20,000. However, the prices of other of its products, such as super chargers and carshave increased, so Optimus’ initial market cost could increase over time.

One of the most notable details of Optimus is that its shape has been modified because, according to Musk, it was necessary to give it a more realistic shape on which the game could be developed. robot. This led to other changes, such as in the weight and energy consumption that would be needed to operate.

Presentation of the prototype of Optimus, the robot designed by Tesla (Capture)
Presentation of the prototype of Optimus, the robot designed by Tesla (Capture)

Currently the prototype has a weight of 73 kilos, consumes 100W of energy when you are not doing activities and 500W when walking. In addition, he has about 200 degrees of movement throughout his body and 27 degrees of freedom in his fingers.

Both models presented in the Tesla AI Day 2022 They have a similarity with the company’s cars, and it is that these robots have integrated the system of autopilot that is available on vehicles. This is what gives Optimus the intelligence to identify objects and move around him.

In a video shown during the event, it can be seen that the robot’s built-in camera that allows it to ‘see’ can select specific objects.

First idea of ​​the prototype of Optimus, Tesla's robot.  Tesla Inc/Handout via REUTERS.
First idea of ​​the prototype of Optimus, Tesla’s robot. Tesla Inc/Handout via REUTERS.

Furthermore, it was explained that this Artificial intelligence that Optimus has can be used so that, in the event of a fall or accident, he can carry out appropriate movements to avoid damage critical in its most valuable structure, such as arms, legs and even in its central source of energy, located in the chest.

It was also noted that the most recent model has a battery capable of carrying out a full day of activities without the need for additional loadsas well as a ‘brain’ capable of connecting to Wifiprocess audio and video, and built-in safety features to “protect the robot and the people around it.”

Tesla’s main goal, as announced in 2021, is for this robot to replace humans in “dangerous and boring” jobs.


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