In addition to the liver, this delicious food that we often underestimate would be enough to stock up on iron

As we always hear, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet should always be the basis of our life.

For our health it is essential that we take in all the essential elements for the body, such as iron.

Iron is a fundamental element. In fact, being one of the components of hemoglobin, it helps to supply the various tissues with oxygen.

Its daily requirement varies according to age and sex, but we all have to take it as our body cannot produce iron on its own.

In addition to the liver, this delicious food that we often underestimate would be enough to stock up on iron

To meet our daily need for iron, we should therefore eat foods that are rich in iron, such as meat and legumes.

Many do not know that these are the legumes rich in iron and less caloric proteins than beans and chickpeas that are loved by both adults and children.

As for meat, in addition to the liver, to fill up on iron it would be enough to take this meat that we often eat only during the Easter period.

This is lamb meat, which could bring significant benefits to our body all year round, not limited to consuming it at Easter.

Obviously, although the nutritional values ​​may be different according to the different cuts of meat, 100 grams of this product would contain 2 mg of iron.

Not only does this meat seem to be a good source of iron, but it is also highly appreciated thanks to the ease with which our body absorbs it.

However, it is important to keep our diet varied, keeping lamb as an alternative to other types of white meat more commonly consumed.

If we are short of ideas, it is good to know that in addition to chicken and veal this would seem to be the ideal meat for a balanced diet.

Furthermore, Lamb is also rich in potassium (338 mg per 100 grams), a mineral essential for maintaining optimal functioning of muscles and heart.

Few people know that in addition to the liver to stock up on iron, this delicious food that we often underestimate but that we find in different recipes would be enough.

How to prepare this meat

Lamb is generally considered a substantial and digestible meat, obviously depending on how we are going to cook it.

For this reason, it is recommended, in order not to lose its properties, to cook it on the grill or roast, seasoning it with spices to taste.

At the time of purchase it would be preferable to opt for the leaner cuts, such as the leg, and cook it by eliminating even the fattest parts.


This is the perfect time to salt the meat and make it incredibly tasty

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