“In Colombia it is considered that useful foreigners are those with university degrees or money. The rest are idle, harmful”

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maryluz vallejo

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maryluz vallejo

Xenophobia has always been a problem in Colombia.

That is what the author Maryluz Vallejo says in her new book “Red-hot Xenophobia in Colombia” (Planeta, 2022), an essay that includes dozens of cases of foreigners who were persecuted and expelled from the South American country in the 20th century.

For the paisa journalist and academic writer, her work shows that the common idea that Colombia is a welcoming country with immigrants it is nothing more than a myth.

After the success of “Plomo wounded” in 2016, a chronicle that shows the promiscuous relationships between journalism and politics between 1880 and 1980, Vallejo returns to the publishing world with an exhausting year-long investigation in which he compiled and studied more than 120 cases of xenophobia in your country.

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