In Liguria 847 infections, hospitalizations are decreasing. The bulletin in Italy: 36,042 cases and 91 deaths. 13.7% positivity rate

Rome – “The numbers of Covid in Liguria this week recorded a steady decline: on Saturday 7 May the total positives were 14,712, today they are 13,023. In hospitals today there are 231 patients, of which 12 in intensive care, a week ago there were 275 with 14 in intensive care. A year ago there were 352 of which 49 in intensive care:

In the last 24 hours, 847 new cases of positivity to Covid have been recorded in Liguria. “The numbers of Covid in our region have registered a constant decline this week: last Saturday 7 May the total positives in Liguria were 14,712, today 14 May they are 13,023, 1,689 less, a sign of a decline in the spread of the virus”. Thus the president and councilor for health of the Liguria Region comments on the data of the epidemic in Liguria.

Regarding the situation in hospitals, 231 hospitalized between yesterday and today, of which 12 in intensive care. A week ago there were 275 of which 14 in intensive care. “Compared to a year ago, when with much more stringent restrictions and regulations than today, there were 352 patients, 49 of whom were in intensive care – said Toti – It is clear how the improvement of treatments and the vaccination campaign have allowed us to finally return to normality “.

The pain curve goes up: two deaths were recorded in the 24 hours. These are two men of 89 and 95 years: the assessment of positivity was carried out in the past few hours, despite the deaths occurred, respectively, on February 4th and March 30th.


The president of Liguria also illustrated the data relating to the vaccination campaign: “There are 16,793 fourth doses of the anti Covid vaccine administered in Liguria to people over 80 and ultra-frail subjects between 60 and 79 years of age, while there are 1,281,488 people who received at least one dose of the vaccine and nearly one million, 987,616, people who received the third dose of the vaccine. 84.05% of people who could receive it received the third dose, having received the second dose for at least 4 months, and 87.57% of people over 5 years living in Liguria received at least one dose of vaccine “.

Toti: “Back to normal with treatments and vaccines”

“It is evident that the improvement of treatments and the vaccination campaign have allowed us to finally return to normalcy”. This was underlined by the president of Liguria and councilor for health Giovanni Toti commenting on the progress of the pandemic in the region.


I’m 36,042 new cases of Covid recorded in Italy in the last 24 hours, against 38,507 yesterday and above all the 40,522 infections of last Saturday, confirming a slow but steady decline weekly trend. The processed swabs are 263,746 (yesterday 265,647) with the positivity rate dropping from 14.5% to 13.7%. The deaths are 91 (yesterday 115). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic have risen to 165,182. There are one fewer patients in intensive care (yesterday +7), with 40 daily admissions, and there are 340 in all, while in the ordinary wards they are 257 fewer (yesterday -251), 7,650 in all. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

The cases divided by region

The region with the highest number of cases today is Lombardy with 4,982 infections, followed by Campania (+4,430), Veneto (+3,464), Lazio (+3,394) and Emilia Romagna (+3,179). The total cases since the beginning of the pandemic exceed 17 million, reaching 17,030,147. The discharged / healed in the last 24 hours are 43,318 (yesterday 49,734) for a total that rises to 15,864,177. The currently positive are 7,075 less (yesterday -10,820) for a total of 1,000,788. Of these, 992,798 are in home isolation.

Trentino Alto Adige
There are 279 new infections from Covid-19 in South Tyrol in the last 24 hours recorded by the daily bulletin of the Healthcare Company. One death, including retirement homes, with a man over 70 as a victim
There are 3,464 new cases of Covid 19 identified in Veneto in the last 24 hours. It can be read in the daily report of the Veneto Region which confirms the decline in new cases and hospitalizations (eight dismissals from medical areas and no new entry into intensive care). Seven people died.
There are 145,059 people currently positive for Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 809 are hospitalized, 48 in intensive care and 144,202 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,379,038 people have been cured, 11,229 dead, out of a total of 1,535,326 cases examined, according to the updated bulletin of the Lazio Region.
Emilia Romagna
In Emilia-Romagna, since the beginning of the epidemic caused by Covid-19, 1,456,627 cases of positivity to the new coronavirus have been recorded, 3,179 more than yesterday, out of a total of 16,324 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of tests carried out is 19.5%. The patients currently hospitalized in the intensive care units of Emilia-Romagna are 29 (-2 compared to yesterday, -6.5%) the patients hospitalized in the other Covid departments are 1,152 (-20 compared to yesterday, -1.7%) ). In the last 24 hours there have been 9 deaths.
The new positive cases for Covid registered in the last 24 hours in Tuscany are 2,091 out of 14,285 tests, of which 2,418 molecular swabs and 11,867 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 14.64% (68.6% on first diagnoses). This was announced by the president of the Region Eugenio Giani. Compared to yesterday, cases have risen but tests have also increased, with a declining positivity rate: in the previous report recorded 1,674 infections on 11,081 swabs, with an incidence of new positives of 15.11% (63.5% on early diagnoses). In total in Tuscany to date, according to the data released by Giani, 8,934,298 doses of vaccine against Covid have been administered.
There are 1,154 new cases of Covid-19 ascertained in the last 24 hours in Abruzzo. The positivity rate, calculated on the sum of molecular buffers (2,705) and antigenic buffers (6,510), is equal to 12.5%. Admissions slightly increased. Two recent deaths. The currently positive are 30,830 (+285): 285 patients are hospitalized in the medical area (+4) and 8 in intensive care (unchanged), while the other 30,537 are in home isolation (+281). The healed are 360,021 (+866).
There are 372 new positives in Basilicata, which emerged from the examination of 1,723 swabs: this was announced by the bulletin of the regional task force, which also records another victim of Covid-19. 84 people are hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera, two of whom are treated in intensive care. There are 28,985 people in home isolation.
Today in Puglia 16,732 tests for Covid-19 infection and 2,296 new cases have been recorded: 799 in the province of Bari, 147 in the province of Barletta, Andria, Trani and 223 in Brindisi, 260 in the province of Foggia, 494 in the province of Lecce, 345 in the province of Taranto as well as 20 residents outside the region and 8 in the province to be defined. In addition, 7 deaths were recorded. Currently 89,769 people are positive, 470 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 25 in intensive care
There are five Covid victims registered in Calabria in the last 24 hours. There have been 2,553 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The new cases, in the same time frame, are 1,084 (yesterday 1,194), with 6,299 swabs made and a positivity rate of 17.21% against 20.09% yesterday. The newly recovered are 2,227, the active cases are 67,703 (-1,148) and the isolates at home 67,492 (-1,144). Inpatients in medical departments decreased by 5 (200) while those in intensive care increased by 1 (11). The data are communicated by the Prevention Departments of the Asp of the Calabria Region.
In Sardinia there are today 1134 further confirmed cases of Covid positivity (of which 961 diagnosed as antigenic). A total of 6073 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic. The patients admitted to the intensive care units are 10 (- 1). The patients admitted to the medical area are 241 (- 15). 24113 are the cases of home isolation (+ 188). There are 2 deaths: a 94-year-old woman and an 88-year-old man, residing in the province of Oristano

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