In the video – Who has the right to our vote?

“Sky’s voice is not accompanied by an imitation of Scarlett Johansson’s chamber part.” American company OpenAI, editor of ChatGPT and her son, vocal assistant Sky, is the company of host Scarlett Johansson, who confirms that the interactive robot’s voice is based in the present day.

“This era where we do whatever we want with deepfakes and the protection of one’s own image, not one’s own work, not one’s own personality, I thought these issues deserved absolute clarity,” Scarlett Johansson regrets, not being present “with impatience” that so adopted “legislation suitable for contributing to the guarantee of the protection of individual rights .

Is Scarlett Johansson’s voice devoid of any transparency? As far as relative copyright protection is concerned, this is not the case, says Sabrina Konrad, a specialist on these subjects at the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. Reason: “Ce l’itige ne porte pas sur une provision of Johansson, most assumes the use of voix or d’une copy de sa voix.” At the same time, Yaniv Benamou, an expert in the protection of property and intellectual property, states: “The voice is an attribute of the individual, it is not protected. “It is more important to distinguish the protection of identity (which is provided by voice, image, or all other attributes of personality) from the protection of authorship (which is provided by the artist’s works).”

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These questions are relevant for civil law. Regarding the remaining rights of our personnel, the voice is protected by Article 28 of the Civil Code, as well as the rights of protection of our personnel (RGPD in Europe and LPD in Switzerland), Yaniv Benhamou. As for AI generators, this adds important precision:

“Le cas Johansson is the practice of using donors without permission,” he concluded.

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