Innovative methods of treating joint pain

Today, musculoskeletal pathology is one of the most disabling diseases, the most common of which is osteoarthritis, followed by sports injuries. Until recently, patients had no choice but to take anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs or, in the most advanced cases, undergo prosthetic surgery, which led to mandatory and painful postoperative rest.

osteoarthritis It is a disease that affects about 30% of the population of Spain over 40 years of age and 80% of people over 65 years of age. Symptoms vary depending on the phase of disease progression and the joint affected, the most common being the knee joint.

Currently thanks to regenerative medicineThere is an effective and simple treatment to relieve pain knee osteoarthritis which helps stop the deterioration of the joint without surgery or hospitalization. These treatments are successfully applied at the Cres Clinic in Zaragoza, a pioneering center and expert in the implementation of these new methods with excellent results and very high patient satisfaction. You can make an appointment first consultation by calling 976 483 553 or via their website.

Doctor Carlos JaraboMedical Director of Clínicas Cres and professional expert in the field of regenerative joint medicine, who for many years worked as a doctor at Real Zaragoza, explains to us that these treatments “They have no side effects and cannot cause rejection.because it is the patient’s own biological material.”

Excellent results

Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis, i.e. reduces recovery time compared to other more traditional methods, and its effect is very positive. “In most cases, the pain is relieved and this is achieved stop joint degeneration“,” explains Dr. Harabo.

Dr. Harabo is the Medical Director of Clínicas Cres, a center specializing in regenerative medicine.
Dr. Harabo is the Medical Director of Clínicas Cres, a center specializing in regenerative medicine.
Clinics Cres

“In cases where the disease is already advanced, you can also significantly improve the patient’s quality of lifeespecially referring to chronic pain that they are suffering,” he adds.

Help Center

Doctor Elena Guallar explains that early diagnosis It is very important to achieve good results from the treatment. In addition, “it is very important that these procedures are carried out medical professionals who are experts in regenerative medicine“, warns the medical director of Clínicas CRES.

Exactly, Clínicas Cres is network of clinics throughout Spain pioneers and their expert doctors in the application of regenerative medicine methods in the field traumatology and sports injuries, with a wide range of treatment options available. They have many years of experience and highly qualified specialists in implementing these treatment options.

What is knee osteoarthritis?

The knee is one of the joints that suffers the most wear and tear throughout life because it bears all of our body weight. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is degenerative disease Characterized by progressive wear of the cartilage covering the joint.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a degenerative disease that primarily causes pain and other symptoms.
Osteoarthritis of the knee is a degenerative disease that primarily causes pain and other symptoms.
Clinics Cres

Although it is more common in older people. (from 50 years old) in women than in men, it can also occur in the youthassociated with previous injuries. Other factors that can provoke: obesity, overweight or genetic problemssince there are people who suffer from this disease more often than others.

How does being overweight affect you?

When we talk about injuries to load-bearing joints such as the knee or hip, a very important factor to consider for the optimal development of treatment is weight control, which is why Clínicas Cres has a nutrition department that accompanies the patient throughout the entire treatment, with genetic nutrition tests and research gut microbiotato personalize your diet and reduce inflammation.

Application on shoulder or thigh

Regenerative medicine treatments are also used in other joints such as the shoulder, hip, elbow or base of the thumb (rhizarthrosis), as well as muscle and tendon injuries, with greater success.

“We achieve very positive and encouraging results in most of the cases we treat, achieving reduce or eliminate pain, reverse inflammation and restore joint functionalitysays Dr. Carlos Jarabo.

The Cres Zaragoza Clinic is located at Calle Maria Lostal, 27. To make an appointment, call 976 483 553.

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