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In the last third of the year 2023, Manzana will share the first images of the iPhone 15, the new generation mobile. During the conference this past September, the American company shared the first images of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which seeks to become a trend for the competition of mobile technology.

The company added the digital system to its new cell phone, so that emergency messages can be sent when there is no signal from our operator. In turn, they worked on the dynamic island, a dynamic notch that can offer information to the user, such as the song they are listening to or perhaps the remaining time of a countdown.

For now, the iPhone 15 is still a concept. It is expected that in the next month of September, Apple shows all the innovations in its online conference feature. Until then, there are only rumors and leaks about what we will see in this device.

One of the elements that may become widespread in the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the dynamic island. It would be the first time, since the iPhone X, that Apple touches up the characteristic notch in all its devices, even the cheapest.

The other change that is on the lips of analysts and leakers is the removal of the physical buttons. The start button has already been removed from the front of the screen and now it would be the turn of the volume and power buttons.

Of course, the fate of the mute switch is yet to be confirmed. Some analysts believe that it is a characteristic element of the iPhone, but it is already a bit outdated compared to the other flagships of the competition.

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