Is it possible to challenge Michelin after 50?

How to challenge Michelin at 50Top

Sometimes losing a few kilos that we consider too heavy is not an easy task. It is true that diet, always under the supervision of a physician, is an important factor when it comes to achieving the ideal recommended or desired weight, but genetics plays a fundamental role in this process. Then this you can challenge Michelin from 50?

From this age, metabolism slows down, There is a loss of muscle mass and an increase in fat, which goes from lean to body fat. We are also becoming more sedentary and we abuse the time we spend sitting. All this leads to weight gain and, as a result, pathologies such as diabetes, heart disease and others.

Additionally, researchers say there are genetic mutations that make some people feel less full after eating a number of foods, which means you need to eat again and more often.

According to Boticaria Garcia, nutrition expert and author of Your Brain Is Hungry, “Genetics can influence 40 to 70 percent to our ease of gaining fat.” In the video above, he tells us more about this, as well as whether it’s possible to challenge terrible weight gain over the years, as well as specific exercises and habits that can keep you fit. desired weight.

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