It brings tears to your eyes

Only recently has Shiloh Pitt come out with her passion for hip hop. Despite her fear of showing up in public, her father is proud of her and at the premiere of Bullet Train she comments on her performance.

Brad Pitt in version dad with a heart of cream spends tender words of admiration for his daughter Shiloh. Born from her marriage to Angelina Jolie 16 years ago, the girl is only recently making herself known to the general public for her dancing skills. Passionate about music, she did not miss the Maneskin concert in Rome at the Circus Maximus with her mother Angelina Jolie, but only recently appeared in a series of videos dancing, finally, with her face uncovered. Pitt couldn’t hold back the emotion.

Brad Pitt’s comment on his daughter Shiloh’s talent

“It brings tears to your eyes”, he said Brad Pitt very exciting intercepted by the microphones of ET, on the red carpet of Bullet Train in Los Angeles. The Hollywood star, who will soon return to the big screen with his latest film, is shown as an overheard father of his children. “I don’t know where he got it”, explains about Shiloh’s talent for dancing. “I’m Mr. ‘Two-Left-Feet’ hereHe joked. Pitt hopes that each of them will fulfill their aspirations without necessarily having to be part of the star system: “I love when they find their way, they find things they’re interested in and thrive.”

“Why did Brad Pitt wear the skirt?”, The unexpected response of the star on the red carpet

Shiloh Pitt comes out with hip hop

A talent that the 16-year-old has kept hidden so far, considering that her media exposure so far has been limited to the red carpets alongside her parents. Absent from her social networks, Shiloh began to take her first steps in dance, approaching hip hop and studying at the Millennium Dance Complex of Studio City, the prestigious Los Angeles dance school frequented by many VIPs. In the videos uploaded to YouTube Shiloh was always dancing wearing a maskprobably to preserve his identity, so much so that in the official video uploaded to the platform by Hamilton Evans, the British choreographer for whom he danced Doha Cat’s Vegas, Shiloh’s performance was obscured.

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