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MATANZAS.–”Today has been the best day, victory generates victory”, affirmed the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, yesterday afternoon, from the Advanced Command Post for firefighting in the industrial area.

Between members of the Political Bureau and the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the PCC, members of the Government, heads of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, and authorities of the province, the Head of State analyzed the latest details of the fight against the fire.

Between our experienced combatants and experts from the Venezuelan brigade that came to support Cuba, diverse ideas were heard, converging on a single purpose. An encouraging phrase emerged: “We are going on the offensive.”

Díaz-Canel compared the landscape of the disaster with the devastating blow of an erupting volcano. They talked about explosions, about water pressure, about what was lost and what was preserved; about drones, which have been a tremendous tool.

Leaving the premises, to go to another point closer to the incident, the dignitary exchanged with the group of Venezuelan experts who work side by side with their brothers from Mexico and Cuba. “Thank you for the trust,” said a son of the Bolivarian Homeland.

The setting is the typical landscape, in shades of gray, of devastation, but also of the movement of men who never stop fighting the fire. The president reflected that only heroism has made it possible to reverse the disaster situation, and inquired about “the hardest thing that remains to be done.” It was then that an exceptional combatant spoke of a certain essential tactic: Vigilance and hitting the fire, vigilance and hitting the fire…

Cubans and Mexicans who have worked tirelessly on the scene of the disaster came to greet Díaz-Canel. To the sons of the land of Benito Juárez, the dignitary expressed: “Thank you very much for your solidarity and support.” From the serene and weathered faces of the interlocutors a voice was heard: «We come with all our hearts to support the people of Cuba. We are at your service”.

“They have done very well”, valued the Head of State, in the middle of a landscape shaken by giant trucks, dotted with hot air and covered in dark powder, occupied by human beings who carry the traces of enormous work and heavy loads. of a volcano-proof will.


Journalists asked Díaz-Canel if this Tuesday had been the best of the terrible days that have been lived, and about his idea that victory generates victory. The president reflected: «I think so (it has been the best of days), not to say that it has been the least bad of days; but it has been a good day, really, and it has a lot to do with things that have happened and things that we have seen precisely in this place».

He valued that control has been achieved, it could be said in the first stage of the confrontation with the fire, and said that such an achievement “has to do with the strategy drawn up jointly between the Cuban, Mexican and Venezuelan forces.”

He stressed that “all the water pumping capacities that were needed to face the magnitude of this fire” could have been created, and explained that for that “a lot of technical work had to be done, we had to receive pumping plants, from Venezuela and Mexico. , with certain specifications and, in addition, to rehabilitate part of the system damaged here by the fires, and to make a group of transformations».

Creativity in the field, improvisation of structures, connections to unify diverse techniques; Such tasks were mentioned by the President, who also spoke about the search for places to place hydraulic pumps with which to extract as much water as possible.

The First Secretary recognized the effort “of the builders and hydraulic workers, who have created all these retaining walls with sand, which were the ones that prevented, in the most complex moments, the flames of the fire from spreading, especially those that they came with burning fuel drags to critical targets.”

Similarly, he highlighted “the work of the forces of the Ministry of the Interior, of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, of our firefighters, of the comrades who have been operating tirelessly in helicopters – and the helicopters have been decisive here with the spraying of water to put out fires–»; and he emphasized “the troops from Venezuela and Mexico, who came with an enormous commitment, regardless of the mandate of their presidents, the mandate of their institutions.”

About that friendly force, Díaz-Canel affirmed that the commitment of these brothers “one sees when they express themselves, when they greet, when they talk.” They, she defined, “also came with a people’s commitment, with a commitment that is marked by friendship between our countries, our peoples and our governments.” She praised the work environment and the complementation among all, keys to reaching yesterday’s results.

The President reported that it is vital that “confidence in the result does not take away our ability to think”, because experience in this type of event, he said, makes it clear that “there are still possibilities that the fuel will catch fire again; therefore, we must continue working on putting out what is on, and later, with vigilance and with some technologies, where the fuel is removed, where it continues to cool and other chemical substances are applied to prevent the fires from resurfacing.”

To the extent that progress is made, and in the shortest possible time, he said, “we will then be able to enter to recover the victims.” He did it in reference to “the firefighters who offered their lives in the first moment of confrontation with this sinister.” It is a moment, she reflected, “that has a lot to do with the pain of families who have been in anguish for days, waiting to hear from their loved ones. I think it’s going to be a hard, difficult moment, for which we also have to be prepared. We have to give all the support to those families.”

As future missions, and as soon as they can be undertaken, the President spoke of making a survey “of all the damage and all the effects”, in order to then “schedule the restoration work.” Díaz-Canel shared this certainty: “We are going to recover this base of super tankers.”

He stated that the country’s leadership and all responsible authorities closely monitor the pollution situation, “so that there is the least possible impact,” to mitigate the pollution that will persist while the fire is being fought.

“All the issues are being worked on in an integrated manner. Today is the day in which we are most certain that we are close to victory,” said the president, emphasizing: “It has been a day of victory in the confrontation (to the fire), and victory generates victory, so I believe that we will be in a position to get out of this event in the shortest possible time». He warned that hard work and recovery lies ahead.

Díaz-Canel recognized, once again, for “all the support that the press has given”, for “how effective, objective, creative it has been, and above all for how they have been supported by the beautiful life stories that there is here, of delivery, of work, of many of the protagonists who are in the fundamental stages and that you have been able to reflect from the emotional, sentimental point of view. That gives a lot of credibility to what is being done.”

Of the people of Matanzas, the dignitary valued that he has been very disciplined, and in his reflection he did not ignore that there has been “a lot of attack on social networks, a lot of false news, incitement to mistrust, and that could have caused a disorder, some mistrust”; but, he stressed, the Matanzas, in addition to showing discipline, have participated, have donated blood, have had multiple gestures of dedication and solidarity.

The President spoke after the people of Cuba: “People from almost the entire country have arrived here,” and listed the work of cooperatives, self-employed workers, MSMEs, state institutions, mass organizations .

He declared that “this has been giving a demonstration that the Cuban people have not lost their virtues, on the contrary, and it demonstrates it in the moments in which it is really necessary to demonstrate it: solidarity, love, trust, support, and will, a lot of will and a lot of commitment.

“That way we are going to continue to win, adversity after adversity, and victory after victory,” he assured.

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