it is left for the winter

Phil, The world’s most famous “meteorologist”, the groundhog, uttered the sentence: Spring is coming early. This is the result after leaving In the morning of this his den Friday, February 2 (at noon in Spain) Punxsutawney (Pennsylvania, USA) and tell us how much is considered a big clue about Will last till winter. This prophecy conflicts with Catalan tradition of the candelaira: “If the candelaira plora, l’hiverna es fora, if the candelaira riu, l’hiverna es viu” (If the candlestick cries, winter is over; if the candlestick laughs, winter is alive). Since today is sunny Candelara Day in Catalonia, local tradition speaks of winter continuing.

This is what tradition holds in America According to this groundhog’s behavior Coming out of your hole, The length of winter can be predicted. If groundhog look at your shadow And gets scared, winter is expected to continue yet; Otherwise, an early arrival of spring is predicted. You can follow Phil the Groundhog’s departure in this live broadcast In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (USA).

Although it is a Typical tradition in the United States and Canada, The reality is that mascot Phil is known internationally and every February 2 he undoubtedly becomes hero.

centuries of tradition

This tradition came centuries ago Germans Who, on his farms, watched the birth of badgers every February 2nd. When they went to America they stayed there with him Groundhog version: Famous Phil.

Perhaps many readers know about this incident through the funny movie ‘Caught in time’, explained by bill murrayJoe plays an uninspired meteorologist, and by Andie MacDowell.


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