“It is stupid Marcelo Bielsa to the Mexican National Team”

Álvaro Morales was very critical of Marcelo Bielsa.  (Capture ESPN Deportes, Youtube/Getty Images)

Álvaro Morales was very critical of Marcelo Bielsa. (Capture ESPN Deportes, Youtube/Getty Images)

Álvaro Morales has never kept anything back when giving his opinion and on this occasion he has given his point of view on the information revealed by his teammate David Faitelson, which points out that Marcelo Bielsa is the preferred coach for the Mexican Soccer Federation to occupy the position of El Tri for the World Cup in North America 2026. According to Faitelson, the FMF directors have the Argentine as their number one option, and they don’t want to waste any more time, because the first official tournament of the cycle will have to be played in the middle of this year: the Gold Cup. And yet another defeat against the United States It is not in the federal plans.

But Morales, who was very critical of the management of Gerardo Martino, also an Argentine, is very clear about his position on the possibility of seeing Bielsa in command of the national team. “It would be stupid and a mistake to bring in a coach who hasn’t won a First Division title since 1998. A guy who had a great team for the 2002 World Cup, with the Argentine National Team, and it failed. That it is more about the rhetoric of how beautiful it is about the results, and here results are required”, opined the commentator in a broadcast of the program Spicy Soccerfrom ESPN.

Morales was also critical of César Luis Menotti, a coach of the same conceptual line as Bielsa, who led the Tri in the early 1990s, and who is widely remembered for his contributions to the growth of the Mexican player. “You review Menotti’s record when he came with the Mexican National Team. He had more games without winning than won,” said Morales, who called the mentality of Mexican soccer at the time Menotti was coach “fucked up.”

Mexico has never been characterized as a team with a winning mystique, because what doesn’t fit Morales’s idea of ​​asking for a coach capable of offering dazzling results is not very consistent. What can Mexico win? The Gold Cup and the League of Nations; nothing more. In this World Cup process that is already underway, it cannot even be said that qualifying for the World Cup is an objective, and therefore an obligation, Well, El Tri already has a guaranteed ticket by being one of the three hosts of the next World Cup.

But you can ask for growth, that the players raise their level, and that Bielsa has achieved in many places. From Marseille, Bilbao or Chile, to the remote times of Newell’s, or more recently, at Leeds United, where he achieved the dream of promotion to the Premier League, although it did not go well in his last season. He is a coach who improves the players and raises them in their competitive level: he can play equally against whoever he is. Then, of course, his way of being is not in the same line as that of the Mexican managers and a short circuit would be practically a matter of time.

As long as there are no root changes in Mexican soccer, the arrival of any coach will be sterile if what is intended is to generate substantial changes. Because Bielsa, no matter how much recognition and merit she has, she won’t be able to do magic or invent things that don’t exist. The limit of every soccer coach is human resources and Mexico is facing, perhaps, the most dramatic talent crisis of recent times: How can we understand that in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, twelve years ago, there were more players playing in Europe in the starting eleven (seven) than in Qatar 2022 (just three)? The setback is clearly evident and there is no technical director, no matter how bright he may be, who can change that in just three and a half years.


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