“It looks like a tamale”: Lyn May criticizes Karol G’s body

The fire dancer and former vedette of the file film in Mexico, Lyn Mayrecently traveled to Los Angeles to present her most recent song titled ¡Claro que yes! In this event, the Acapulcan woman wore a blue wig and a striking pink dress, something she has accustomed us to.

However, that outfit motivated a reporter to try to get the note about the event by making a comparison between the dancer and the famous “Bichota”, Karol Gbecause she usually wears her hair dyed blue.

I see you very Karol G“said the reporter to the Mexican, however, what nobody expected happened, the vedette did not react in the best way and attacked the Colombian.

“Do not compare me with that old woman, she is fat and I am very well, I have my waist, she does not have a waist, she is very even, she looks like a tamale,” he said before the cameras of the show program “El Gordo y la Flaca”.

And not only that, Lyn May sentenced that she has a waist, while the Colombian does not reach her.

“I have always had a small waist and buttocks,” said the woman from Guerrero and former partner of several political figures in Mexico.

And he went further by ensuring that young singers and dancers only want to copy his style and imitate his steps and cadence.

“Poor little things don’t know, they want to copy everything from me”, which sparked laughter from the media that were present.

Also against Belinda and Becky G

The Bichota case is not the only one, in the recent past, Lyn May It has also been launched against saying that she has been a precursor to everything that new figures like Becky offer.

“They copy me, but it doesn’t work out for them” Becky G

In the year 2021 he also criticized Belinda assuring that he was not a match for her, for being very skinny, without grace to sing and being very gray.

These statements have brought him strong criticism from young people and fans of said singers in social networksHowever, she has ignored criticism of her person at all times.


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