It tarnished the image of Club América, now karma is coming to Renato Ibarra in 2023

Karma for Renato Ibarra
Karma for Renato Ibarra

It’s official, Renato Ibarra abandoned again Mexico to return to his country and perhaps continue his career there far away from the issue that marked him and that made him never be able to return to Club América despite the fact that he was needed.

According to the social media report, the signing of Renato Ibarra by Liga de Quito is official. The team, which won the Libertadores Cup in 2008 now it becomes the services of the winger who had an important step in America.

More Mexican soccer news:

He scored 124 goals, he was kicked out of Tri at the gates of the World Cup, now he lost his life

He brought women into the hotel, Martino covered him in Qatar and broke the dressing room of the Tri

According to Bendito Fútbol, ​​the athlete in the América club earned 622,000 dollars a year, that is, 1,200,000 Mexican pesos. While now in the Ecuadorian club, his income is reduced considerably.

How much would Renato Ibarra earn for joining his new club?

Renato Ibarra in Ecuador would not have such a high salary. According to data from Ecuagol, the athlete would earn 25,000 dollars a month, which would be a total of 300,000 dollars, that is, 50 percent less. This is how karma reaches Ibarra, for tarnishing the image of America.

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