It tells an intense story of cannibalism and it was a film that paralyzed more than one

In recent years, Mexican cinema has become one of the most sought after by users of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, where there are various titles ranging from drama and comedy to documentaries.

On the other hand, it is important to remember the cinematographic productions that have marked viewers, to the point of becoming films that sensitive people could not bear, since they go beyond the visual standard due to their intense themes.

A film starring Jennifer Lawrence

On this occasion, we have made the selection of a film that was criticized for its religious allegories and the inclusion of infanticide and cannibalism and that featured the main performance of Jennifer Lawrence.

Let us remember that Lawrence is an American actress, who began her career on television where she stood out in the series The Bill Engvall Show; In addition, she stood out in independent cinema with films such as The Burning Plain and Winter’s Bone, which received multiple film awards, and an Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nomination.

The film was controversial for its story. PHOTO: Vogue

What is the tape “Mother!” about?

For this reason, we recommend a film starring Jennifer Lawrence and that is not the Hunger Games saga, which is currently hosted on Claro Video, Apple Tv and Prime Video; It has a duration of 121 minutes and was directed by Darren Aronofsky who is known for making surreal and disturbing films that not everyone can enjoy.

We refer to the movie “Mother!” which was launched in 2017 and since then has become controversial due to its plot, as it follows the story of a couple, which is put to the test after a man and a woman show up at their house without being invited.

Little by little, more and more guests show up at her house, forcing mother to reexamine everything she knows about love, devotion and sacrifice.


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